Summary of the Plot

Currently the most popular manga on Urasunday Magazine, Sekai Oni follows the story of a little girl called Shinonome Azma. Azma is abused by her family and this has made her quite unstable, to the point where she has been driven to the limit. She now has the rare sickness of Alice in Wonderland, that makes her see things that shouldn't be there reflected on mirrors, water, glass, etc. Everything starts when the things she sees start affecting directly the world everyone else sees, and the barrier between reality and illusion breaks apart, like a mirror falling to the ground.

Power of the Verse

Generally the verse is quite weak, capping out at around Tier 8 with Hypersonic speeds. However, some characters have powerful hax, and a couple can destroy entire space-time continuum with their special abilities. The King in particular is extremely haxed, and was unharmed by the destruction of the entire universe.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series








Azma-new Kuroe-1 Zek-222 Seki-new Uto-2

Rosa-2 Saki-1 Pero-111 Eric-flow-1111

World Devils:

Devil-222 Devil2-2 Devil3-2 Devil4-111 Firedevil-111

Giger-111 King-111.png

Tiering of the Verse

Top Tiers:

Shinonome Azma

The King

High Tiers:

Kaito Ookura

Pero Battaglia


Eric Flow

Mid Tiers:

Adachi Teruki

Minori Kuroe

Koutaro Utou

Moth to a flame

Roukai oni

Jikai oni

Hijiri Seki

Saki Saeki

Kyou oni

Low Tiers:

Kikai oni

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