I was cut from the ice, shaped in the storms, hardened in the cold.


Sejuani was weaned on hardship and reared on barbarity. Where others succumbed to the harshness of the Freljord, she was tempered by it until pain became power, hunger an encouragement, and frost an ally in culling the weak. Through her ordeals, she learned that to thrive in the endless winter, one must become just as cold and unforgiving. In Sejuani's eyes, her followers either have the mettle to endure or the right to die. Once she has conquered the Freljord, she knows that those who survive will form a nation to be feared.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-C | High 6-A

Name: Sejuani, the Winter's Wrath

Origin: League of Legends

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown (Somewhere in her 20's)

Classification: Human (Iceborn Descendent), Leader of the Winter's Claw tribe

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Skilled military strategist, Skilled flail wielder, Ice Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Defensive power increases as she fights

Attack Potency: Small Town level+ (Can fight on-par with Garen, and similarly powerful champions) | Multi-Continent level (The collective members of Pentakill fear the power of her, Ashe, and Lissandra)

Speed: Hypersonic+ with Massively Hypersonic+ reactions and combat speed (Can keep up with champions like Kled and Garen, as well as close range lightning/light-based attacks)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Small Town Class+ (Winter's Wrath and Arctic Assault can knock champions as heavy as Malphite and Nautilus several meters in the air) | Multi-Continent Class

Durability: Small Town level+ | Multi-Continent level

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended melee range with flail, dozens of meters with Flail of the Northern Winds and Permafrost

Standard Equipment: Bristle (Her boar), Seeker's Armguard, Flail of the Northern Winds (True Ice Flail), Frost-Forged Bola

Intelligence: Above Average (Highly skilled in combat, a skilled military strategist and effective, though often brash, leader)

Weaknesses: Has a limited supply of mana with which to cast spells, her spells have cooldown periods, during which time they cannot be cast (Both are highly exaggerated in-game for gameplay balance purposes; for instance, Ekko is shown to be able to use his ultimate ability in rapid succession in his cinematic)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Basic Attack: Sejuani hit her opponent with her true ice flail. Augmented by Flail of the Northern Winds.
  • Fury of the North:
    • Frost Armor: Sejuani receives Frost Armor if she hasn't taken damage in the last 9 seconds, lingering for 3 seconds after taking damage from enemy champions. Frost Armor engulfs Bristle in True Ice, becoming immune to slows and gains bonus armor and bonus magic resistance.
    • Icebreaker: Enemies stunned by Sejuani are frozen. Sejuani's next basic attack or ability against them deals bonus magic damage, capped against minions and monsters.
  • Arctic Assault: Sejuani charges forward, knocking up all enemies she charges through and dealing them magic damage. Arctic Assault's charge stops after colliding with an enemy champion, but can affect multiple enemy champions if they are close enough together.
  • Winter's Wrath: Sejuani swings her flail in a cone in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit and knocking back minions and monsters. She then lashes out with her flail in a straight line in the same direction, dealing additional physical damage and briefly slowing to all enemies hit.
  • Permafrost: Winter's Wrath, Sejuani's and nearby melee allied champions' basic attacks apply Frost to enemy champions and large monsters, stacking up to 4 times. Sejuani can freeze an afflicted enemy champion or large monster, dealing magic damage and stunning them. Once consumed the target cannot gain Frost for a few seconds. Permafrost resets Sejuani's autoattack timer.
  • Glacial Prison: Sejuani throws a True Ice bola in a line, dealing magic damage and stunning for 2 seconds the first enemy champion that collides with. The bola's base damage increases the further it travels. The bola shatters upon collision or reaching maximum range, creating a storm for 2 seconds, slowing other enemies by 30%. At the end of the duration the storm shatters the ground, deals magic damage and slowing by 80% for 3 seconds.
  • Flail of the Northern Winds: Sejuani's next basic attack deals bonus magic damage to the target and nearby enemies. She then swings her flail, dealing magic damage each second to enemies within range for 4 seconds. After hitting an opponent or recasting, Sejuani immediately starts swinging her flail. Flail of the Northern Winds resets Sejuani's autoattack timer.

Key: Base | Pentakill Universe


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