Scorch Prime


Scorched Earth, or Scorch for short, is a Titan featured in Titanfall 2, and is based on the Ogre Titan's design, with many enhancements based around the theme of fire.

Like the Ogre, Scorch is slow, however is it extremely sturdy and has a great role as a heavy Titan. It is designed to use its signature weapon, the T-203 Thermite launcher and thermite grenades.

While not very different from the Ogre, the addition of slow but steady fire powers complement the chassis and make for a Titan ideally used for cutting off enemies and keeping them trapped, while being able to take large amounts of damage.

It has a cosmetic variant called Scorch Prime. The differences are in-game sound effects, and a new kill animation.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-B | 9-A | High 8-C, likely 8-B

Name: "Scorch" or "Scorched Earth"

Origin: Titanfall

Gender: Not applicable, although the Titan can have a male or female A.I.

Age: Not applicable

Classification: Titan, Mech, Exoskeleton

Powers and Abilities: Barrier Creation, Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Attack Potency: At least Wall level physically | Small Building level | Large Building level (Nuclear Ejection causes Titans of any kind to self-destruct with a gigantic explosive blast), likely City Block level

Speed: Peak Human to Superhuman speeds (outruns standard Pilots)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 5, likely Class 10 (Far stronger than other Titans, to such a degree where it can lift them above itself for an execution)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class (Due to being able to rip Pilots out of other Titans, and tear other Titans into pieces)

Durability: At least Large Building level physically (Based on the Ogre's chassis) | Wall level shields normally

Stamina: High (They seem to withstand complete isolation from an external power source for long periods of time, however rely on batteries to be powered)

Range: Several meters physically, several dozen meters with offensive equipment

Standard Equipment:

  • T-203 Thermite Launcher: Single-round rifle that holds one thermite grenade
  • Ejection Seat: Chair used to force Pilots of out a doomed Titan in case of emergency

Intelligence: Average, the A.I. can fight against Pilot controlled Titans fairly well in most cases, can be increased by a Pilot's choice.  

Weaknesses: Not as skilled unmanned, Nuclear Ejection destroys the Titan instantly. Titans run on batteries that eventually can run out, or be taken out, as done by Pilots that perform a rodeo attack. Vulnerable to its own thermite unless equipped with tempered plating.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Thermal shield: A defensive shield of fire that instantly vaporizes incoming projectiles and enemies that wander into it
  • Firewall: Offensive attack that creates a long flame trench in the ground, killing or burning anything that crosses it
  • Flame Core: Its powerful signature attack in which the Titan slams its hands into the ground, creating a wide shockwave that will burn or catch fire to anything the hellish and powerful flames resulting from the shockwave
  • Nuclear Ejection: A self-destructive technique usually reserves as a last resort for doomed Titans. Ejects the Pilot and uses the nuclear reactor within the Titan to self-destruct

Key: PhysicallyWeaponryNuclear Ejection


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