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The Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff) is a fictional comic book superhero that appears in books published by Marvel Comics. The character first appeared in X-Men #4 (March 1964) and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. She has since starred in two self-titled limited series with husband the Vision and appears as a regular team member in superhero title the Avengers. Within the Marvel Universe, Scarlet Witch is a mutant, born with the ability to alter reality in unspecific ways. Historically, she is the twin sister of Quicksilver as well as the daughter of Magneto and the paternal half-sister of Polaris. However, she was later retconned to be Magneto's step-child.

Powers and Abilities

Tier: At least 2-C

Name: Wanda Maximoff

Origin: Marvel, Avengers #187 (1979), Avengers #234 (1983)

Gender: Female

Classification: Formerly Human Mutant. Likely retconned into being a creation of the High Evolutionary.

Age: Unknown

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Probability Manipulation, has a considerable amount of spells

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Universe level at her most powerful (She retroactively rewrote her universe and caused destructive ripples in the Multiverse)

Speed: Unknown

Durability: Unknown. Higher with barriers

Intelligence: Above average

Range: Her hexes are limited to her line of sight

Weaknesses: Sometimes depicted as mentally unstable. Anybody resistant to magic.

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