The SAW universe is a film series that branches off to a single comic and two video games. The premise revolves around a man named John Kramer, who after being diagnosed with cancer, death of his unborn child, and trying to kill himself, he had a revelation. He begins to put people he sees as ungrateful for their live, into traps to rehabilitate them. If the people escaped the trap then they should have learned to appreciate their lives. John had many apprentices over the years to help him with his traps. He also has had many detectives after him as well.

The Power of the Verse

Compared to other verses the saw universe is rather weak and it only seems to be from 10-B to 9-B. The strongest objects are easily the traps, due to being mostly 9-C to 9-B and have abilities including Acid Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Explosion Manipulation, etc.





Film Characters

Jigsaw and his followers


  • Detective David Tapp
  • Detective Peter Strahm
  • Officer Daniel Rigg

Game Characters

Saw: The Video Game

  • David Tapp
  • Pighead

Saw II: Flesh & Blood


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