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When still an apprentice, Savos Aren entered the Labyrinthian together with a group of mages. Inside the Labyrinthian most of the mages died save for Savos and two others whom he forced to maintain the magical barrier containing the Dragon Priest Morokei. Savos eventually became the Arch-Mage of the College of Winterhold and was later killed by a blast produced by the Eye of Magnus.

Powers and StatsEdit

Tier: 10-B, 9-B

Name: Savos Aren

Origin: The Elder Scrolls

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Dunmer, Arch-Mage

Powers and Abilities: Magic, Fire Manipulation, Summoning, Regeneration (via spells)

Attack Potency: Human level physically, at least Wall level with magic

Speed: Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Human Class physically

Durability: Human level physically, Wall level with magical shields

Stamina: Average

Range: Several dozens of meters

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: High (Being the Arch-Mage of the College he should hold vast magical knowledge)

Weaknesses: Nothing notable


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