Servant Saver
The wheel tells time. All lives, all anguish shall return unto me. Under the great Enlightenment, humanity shall become one.
~ Saver using his Noble Phantasm


Saver (セイヴァー, Seivā, localized as "Savior") is a "messiah" type Servant, and was carefully selected by the Automaton from the collective records of the Holy Grail War. Saver's True Name is Buddha, a messiah who led the path of enlightenment and Buddhahood. He is a Bodhisattva, a Deva (天, kami, a class of Buddhist divinity, as distinct from the word 神, which is pronounced in the same manner, but indicates a god in the general sense) of cosmic proportions, easily capable of governing the Solar System.

He is believed to be Shakyamuni (釈尊), the most famous Buddha who became Buddha through self realization. He was released from all suffering and pain while alive. His “teachings to attain Buddhahood” are what makes up Buddhism, but however in Buddhism, it never said that “if you study this you will be saved”. Buddhism is a philosophy that came to Shakyamuni when he has reached Buddhahood, and Shakyamuni did not mention "This is the only teaching to the way of Buddhahood." The path to enlightenment varies from person to person. As far as Buddhism is concerned, the potential to become a Buddha is present within everyone. Every human will eventually attain enlightenment. Of course this includes those who are good as well as those who are evil, those who are kind and those who are heartless; everyone is subject to the process of becoming a Buddha.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B

Name: Saver, The Buddha, Shakyamuni

Origin: Fate/Extra

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Saver-Class Servant, Bodhisattva

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Energy Blasts, Healing, Can absorb enemy magical energy, Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Resistance to Physical, Magical, Spiritual, and Conceptual Attacks, Immunity to Mind Manipulation, Reduces the parameters of enemies who can be considered "heroes" or "anti-heroes", Soul Manipulation (all Servants can consume souls to replenish their mana)

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Bodhisattvas of Saver's level are able to manipulate entire solar systems, as shown by Kiara's Noble Phantasm as Beast III/R.)

Speed: Massively FTL+ via power-scaling (As a Bodhisattva, he should be comparable to Kiara Sessyoin, who approached the level of one in Fate/Extra CCC and became equal to one as Beast III/R in Fate/Grand Order)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Likely Solar System Class

Durability: Solar System level

Stamina: High, but requires a master

Range: Standard melee range normally, several dozen meters with energy blasts, Planetary with his Noble Phantasm

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Having escaped Samsara and reached Enlightenment, Saver is knowledgeable in all things spiritual and has existed for thousands of years and it is implied that he'll survive to the end of time. Calm and level-headed, he is not prone to indecision or self-doubt, calmly following his Master's orders out of pity for his soul. Despite advocating non-violence, he is a master of unarmed combat as evidenced by his EX-Rank in Kalaripayattu, the basis for nearly every rational martial art in existence. As a result, he is able to fight combatants as skilled as Saber, Archer, and Caster on even ground while remaining in a meditative position.

Weakness: Transmigration into One and Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig weakens should the target be more than human (i.e. of divine blood) and cannot be used on characters who are an existence above mankind.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Noble Phantasm


Amita Amitabha: Transmigration into One

Amita Amitabha: Transmigration into One: ( 一に還る転生アミタ・アミターバ, Ichi ni Kaeru Tensei Amita Amitāba?) The ultimate “anti-individual” Noble Phantasm used by Saver. It is his major Noble Phantasm initialized over the course of a battle by utilizing his minor Noble Phantasm, Chakravartin: Turner of the Wheel (転輪聖王チャクラ・ヴァルティン, Tenrin Jōō Chakura Varutin?). Chakravartin, referring to the ideal ruler in the Vedic period of ancient India, is the implement used by a normally unarmed Buddha to defeat opponents. It is a seven kilometer long chakram expanding in the sky above the Buddha. It slowly rotates and fires bolts of light at enemies within the ring, acting much like an omnidirectional mobile artillery platform with the ring of light acting as the rail that the artillery platform would move over. The number of rings within it increases with each combat turn, and one of the lights on the large mandala floating behind him alight with prismatic colors until there are seven rings and seven lights.

The rings, synonymous with the seven jewels of the wheel turner, have an appearance reminiscent of a rainbow, and they allow for the activation of Amita Amitabha upon reaching their peak speed. Amita Amitabha is its true name, its ultimate attack upon the maximum deployment of Chakravartin, and is activated upon the invocation of its true name. The lights from the mandala converge into the chakram, and the rings of light come clanging against each other to combine into one rapidly spinning ring, forming into the halo seen on the back of celestial Buddha, Vairocana. The pillars of light amass around the target from all angles and converge onto them in a single column like in a black hole. It creates a large explosion that rips apart the ground and engulfs them.

It is a kind of teaching to achieve final Moksha, where energies rivaling the law of man’s creation are made to converge on a single person and liberate him from suffering. All humans, according to the Indian idea of Brahman, are reincarnations of Brahma and all of humanity is the same individual. It is said that all of mankind will achieve buddhahood once the ideology is embraced because all humans ultimately transmigrate into the Buddha. It differs from normal ideologies of reincarnation and immortality, acting as the “Everyone Becomes Me wheel of reincarnation” that saves all sattva from suffering.

As the length of human history increases, its expanse becoming wider, the greater the damage of the attack, and the humanity of Earth has no way of withstanding the attack theoretically. It deals damage that no living thing, no human can withstand, but something not alive like Hakuno Kishinami has a small chance of withstanding it because they have yet to be afflicted by the suffering of life or the four noble truths. Those who achieve enlightenment through gaining strong convictions can overcome it. It is weaker against humans who are not quite human, and it cannot completely save individuals of a scale of existence greater than the domain of humanity. Within the game, it is an "absolute game-over attack", but it would cause 5,670,000,000 damage within the context of the game.

Class Skill

- Charisma: (カリスマ, Karisuma) The natural talent to command an army, increasing the abilities of one's allies. Saver's deification and nature as a widely-worshiped entity is reflected in his A+ rank, upon which he is so popular that it is almost considered a curse. This skill can be used as a subtle form of Mind Manipulation, allowing Saver to simply ask for things from their opponent, upon which his charisma will compel them to do so unless one is particularly strong-willed and/or rebellious.

- Counter Hero: (対英雄, Tai-Eiyū) A skill that reduces the parameters of statistics of "hero" that the Servant faces in combat. Saver's B-Rank in this skill reduces the parameters of enemy heroes by two ranks (effectively reducing their stats by a factor of one hundred) but is less effective against anti-heroes, whose parameters are reduced by one rank (by a factor of ten).

Personal Skills

- Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig: (菩提樹の悟り, Bodaiju no Satori, localized as "Sri Maha Bodhiya") A skill that renders protection to one who has reached "the Truth of the World" or "the Answer of Humanity" -- a Protection Against Purging that marks the Servant as a "Protector of the World." Unconditionally reduces the damage dealt by physical attacks, conceptual attacks, and interdimensional attacks by a value equivalent to the Servant's HP. This skill also shuts out probability of Mental Interference by 100%.

- Kalaripayattu: (カラリパヤット, Kararipayatto) An ancient Indian martial art. Without bearing upon strength and talent, it is the ancestor of all martial arts founded on the basis of rational thought and is defensively oriented. Given Saver's EX-Rank in this skill, it can be assumed that he is a master of the art.


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