Sarasvati HO


The Sarasvati (サラスバティ Sarasubati), also known by the codename Collective Farming (コレクティブファーミング Korekutibu Fāmingu), is a Second Generation Faith Organization Object piloted by Putana Highball. The Sarasvati combines the firepower and combat ability of an Object with large-scale agricultural cultivation technology mainly meant for use in deserts. This technology is a part of the Re Terra project meant to alter the entire planet’s environment. It ignores endemic species and covers it all in its own plantation. While the Faith Organization claims to be doing it to combat food shortages, it's been pointed out the Sarasvati could be used expand the production of potatoes and corn, turn it into biofuels and shake up the price of oil.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B with main cannon, 8-B with secondary weapons

Name: Sarasvati, Collective Farming

Origin: Heavy Object

Age: Unknown

Classification: Large-scale Agricultural Land Development Weapon for the Re Terra project, 2nd Generation Amphibious

Wielders: Putana Highball

Powers and Abilities: Flight (Hovers above the ground through an air cushion engine), one low-stability plasma cannon as main weapon; several dozens of laser beams, railguns, etc as secondary weapons; vibratory road roller for rock destruction, cultivator and various other types of agricultural machinery; resistance to heat, radiation, hacking and EMPs

Attack Potency: City level with main cannon, at least City Block level with secondary cannons (Comparable to other Objects)

Speed: Subsonic top speed (520 km/h), likely Hypersonic+ reactions (Comparable to other Objects)

Durability: City level (Comparable to other Objects)

Stamina: Unknown, once fuel is put in the JPlevelMHD reactor it doesn't have to be swapped for 5 years, so the practical limit is on things like ammunition and the like

Range: Over 20km with secondary weapons, around 10km with main weapon

Weaknesses: After several kilometers its main cannon can no longer achieve city level attack potency