Ghost Kerrigan

Kerrigan Xel'naga

I am the swarm. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now at last, on this world, vengeance shall be mine. For I am the Queen of Blades.
~ Kerrigan leading the Zerg


Sarah Kerrigan is a Terran woman trained as a military operative from a young age. Becoming a Ghost sniper for the Confederacy, she was ruthless, carrying out missions without question and with a cold heart. Despite her loyalty, during a mission at New Gettysburg, she was left for dead among the Zerg swarm. Despite protest from James Raynor and her asking for an evac, Arcturus Mengsk decided that she was an acceptable loss and left her behind.

Despite her helplessness, she was not killed by the approaching Zerg like everyone else. The Overmind of the Zerg identified her as psionicly gifted and decided to capture and infest her in order to transform her into a weapon of the Zerg swarm. In this form she was extremely powerful, able to better use her psionic power as well as being substantially stronger physically. Able to tear apart tanks with ease, she now lead a part of the swarm as the Queen of Blades. Picking up most of the swarm after the death of The Overmind, Kerrigan sought to gain control of the entire swarm by destroying the Cerebrates, and thus began the Brood War. After gaining full control over the swarm, she ruled uncontested as the Queen of Blades: one of the greatest threats in the galaxy. Soon after she pushed back into Terran space, attempting to recover a fractured Xel'Naga artifact. Ironically enough, the artifact would be a major instrument in her defeat, cleansing her of the Zerg infestation and returning her to an almost normal state.

After returning to a somewhat normal life working with Raynor and Arcturus' son, Valerian, she is studied in order to identify her Zerg influence and psionic power. In this facility, she is separated from Raynor again during a Dominion attack. She escapes, but finds out later that Jim Raynor was left behind. She goes back for him, only to find a news broadcast stating that he was captured and executed. Enraged, she sought out the Zerg she once controlled in order to gain the power she needed to exact revenge on Mengsk. She was sought out by the Dark Prelate Zeratule, who presented a vision of Zerus, the birthplace of the Zerg. She is told to go there and to seek its power. After arriving and subjugating local primal Zerg, she awakens the Ancient One, Zurvan, who tells her how to unlock the power of the Primal Zerg.

After entering a cocoon and absorbing the planet's power, she arose once more as the Queen of Blades, but was free of Amon's influence. The new Primal Queen of Blades dominated the other pack leaders of Zerus, sparking Zurvan's interest in her. He attacks her, as he finally deems her worthy of consuming, stating she will be the first to fuel his evolution in ages. Engaging in combat with the massive primal beast, Kerrigan kills him and absorbs some of his power as well. The newly empowered Kerrigan sets off to cripple Arcturus Mengsk's armies when she is informed that Jim Raynor is still alive. With new drive to recover her lost lover, she sets off to destroy a facility creating destructive beings of Zerg and Protoss genetics known as hybrid. After much effort she dispatches the hybrid and destroys the facility, only to find Narud, a servant of Amon. Narud presents many illusions to Kerrigan as they battle, and catches her off guard with one, impaling her with a psionic blade. She draws in resolve and impales Narud with her wings right back, and they both fall to the ground, Narud dead and Kerrigan wounded. After healing she sets off to free Jim, and though she is successfully, Raynor is disgusted that she threw away her humanity for revenge and leaves her alone. Prepared to finally exact her revenge, she travels to Korhal with her swarm. She effortlessly tears Mengsk's armies apart as she travels up to meet the corrupt Emperor. Upon meeting him, she gloats, but Mengsk reveals the Xel'Naga artifact that cleansed her and uses it drive her to the ground. As he is about to kill her, she is saved by Jim Raynor. She then impales Arcturus and drives him to a wall before turning him into a living bomb, destroying the top half of the skyscraper he resided in. She meets with Jim before departing, stating there was something she had yet to do. He confessed he still loved her as she departed to her swarm to find a way to stop the Dark One, Amon, from returning and destroying all life.

Appearing some time later, she is found by Artanis while killing and being attacked by several Hybrid Reavers. After being saved by the Protoss warrior, she is told that she is needed for the prophecy to ascend and destroy Amon, and the two travel forward to find that the ascension was not possible, as the other Xel'Naga were killed in their eon long slumber. Getting to the location of ascension, however, had broken her forces significantly. She left the Protoss Heirarch in order to rebuild her power. Once she gained sufficient power and her armies returned, she contacted the other leaders Artanis and Jim Raynor to assist her in killing Amon within the void in order to put an end to the dark Xel'Naga for good. She was contacted by an imprisoned and ancient Xel'Naga, Ouros, and she liberated him from the void forces imprisoning him shortly thereafter. She was informed by the old alien that Amon, weakened though he was, could only be harmed by a Xel'Naga. Ouros was too weak, so he needed to merge his essence to Kerrigan's in order to make a newly ascended Xel'Naga strong enough to kill the Dark One. She combined her essence with his, and ascended into a new Xel'Naga as Ouros died, his last energy spent. Her power skyrocketing to godly levels, Kerrigan confronted Amon and killed him within the void, permanently ending the evil creature. With her last words she told Jim to flee, as the void was being torn apart.

Two years after the death of Amon, Jim saw (or hallucinated about) Kerrigan, perfectly human once more, and left to go be with his long lost lover after all their years apart.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C | At least 8-B | High 6-A | 3-A, possibly higher

Origins: StarCraft

Name: Sarah Louise Kerrigan

Gender: Female

Age: 26 in the beginning, 33 years old when she killed Amon

Classification: Human, Terran Confederate Ghost, Zerg Queen, Xel'naga Ascended Being

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Cloaking, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Absorption, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Flight, Regeneration (Low-Mid, possibly Low-Godly as Xel'naga), Healing, Status Effect Inducement, Durability Negation, Summoning, Teleportation and possibly Nigh-Omniscience in Xel'naga form

Attack Potency: Building level (Should be comparable to Nova Terra) | At least City Block level (Superior to an Ultralisk) | Multi-Continent level (Based on this calc; after this feat was performed she had to kill multiple Primal Pack leaders and absorb their power to be considered worth killing to Zurvan, who she also killed and took the power of) | Universe level, possibly higher (Amon was one with the Void, an entirely separate universe, whom she killed; her final attack was never very well explained, though it was implied that the void would cease to exist shortly after she unleashed her power, prompting her to tell Jim Raynor to flee the void)

Speed: Peak Human with Superhuman combat speed (Can keep up with Zerglings in combat) | At least Superhuman (Faster than a Zergling) | At least Superhuman movement speed with Massively Hypersonic attack Speed (based on the same calc) | Unknown, likely Massively FTL+ (Should be comparable to True Form Amon and other Xel'naga)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman | Class 10 | At least Class 10 (Lifted a Hybrid Reaver off of her while wounded) | Unknown

Striking Strength: Building Class | City Block Class | Multi-Continent Class | Unknown

Durability: Building level | At least City Block level | Multi-Continent level (Should be as durable as she is powerful) | Likely Universe level

Stamina: High | Very High | Very High (Fought against Hybrid for days) | Likely Limitless

Range: Standard melee range, several dozen meters with weapons | Extended melee range, several meters with psionic attacks | Extended melee range, hundreds of kilometers with psionic attacks | Unknown

Standard Equipment: A Ghost sniper rifle and cloaking suit as a human; none notable in any other form

Intelligence: Above Average | High | High | Possibly Nigh-Omniscient (Is able to see beyond the flow of space and time, and the paths of countless universes)

Weaknesses: Her psionic link can be exploited to hurt her while in either of her Queen of Blades forms | If killed within the Void, she will not be able to regenerate.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Cloaking: Allows Kerrigan to turn invisible, only being seen by units that can see invisible units.
  • Lockdown: Disables the target mechanical or robotic unit for a minute.

  • Cloaking: Allows Kerrigan to turn invisible, only being seen by units that can see invisible units.
  • Ensnare: Covers enemies in an area with green slime, halving their attack and movement rate while also revealing invisible enemies.
  • Consume: Sacrifices a nearby allied Zerg in order to restore energy to Kerrigan.
  • Psionic Storm: Kerrigan can create disturbances in psionic energies in a target location, tearing them into a vicious storm. This storm attacks almost every aspect of an enemy, from mind, to body, to armor; it can quickly rip even a durable enemy apart from its core.
  • Razor Swarm: Creates a violent swarm of zerg microbes in an area, dealing heavy damage to enemies in the area.
  • Implosion: Creates a localized gravity well that telekinetically crushes and quickly kills the target mechanical unit.

  • Kinetic Blast: Deals damage to a target instantly.
  • Leaping Strike: Kerrigan leaps to a target location, attacking any enemies around her landing area.
  • Crushing Grip: Stuns a targeted area and hurts any within the area over time.
  • Chain Reaction: Kerrigan's normal psionic strikes bounce to four adjacent enemies for less damage.
  • Psionic Shift: Kerrigan dashes forward, dealing damage to any enemy in front of her.
  • Wild Mutation: Kerrigan massively increases the durability and attack rate of Zerg in an area. Does not effect herself.
  • Spawn Banelings: Kerrigan summons six Banelings to attack her enemies that last for ninety seconds or until they explode.
  • Mend: Kerrigan heals herself and surrounding allies.
  • Infest Broodlings: Kerrigan's attacks infest enemies she harms with broodlings. Killing two broodlings to hatch from their corpse and attack enemies.
  • Fury: As Kerrigan makes attacks, she gains a stacking bonus to her attack rate, up until she is attacking seventy-five percent faster.
  • Apocalypse: After channeling energy, deal massive damage to enemies in a targeted area.
  • Spawn Leviathan: Summons a Leviathan to attack her enemies for four minutes.
  • Drop Pods: Causes Zerg drop pods to drop and let out forty primal Zerglings, five primal Roaches, five primal Hydralisks that attack her enemies for four minutes.

  • Quantum Ray: Deals heavy damage to the target.
  • Celestial Radiance: Heals Kerrigan and nearby allies.
  • Creep Teleport: Teleports Kerrigan and nearby friendly Zerg to any area covered with creep.
  • Extinction: Deals damage to enemies in a large area around Kerrigan, and void-based enemies are killed instantly.
  • Cosmic Fury: Allies in a large area around Kerrigan have increased attack and movement rates.

Key: Ghost Kerrigan | Queen of Blades | Primal Queen of Blades | Ascended Xel'Naga


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