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Are you not afraid? Those who don't worry about dying in the future won't fight for their lives in the present.
~ Samus


Samus Aran is a renowned galactic bounty hunter and the protagonist of the Metroid franchise. Orphaned as a child by a Space Pirate attack on her homeworld of K-2L. She was raised by the Chozo following the death of her family and infused with their DNA. She was then trained as a to use their weapons and relics, becoming a mighty warrior in the process. After a brief stint spent within the Galactic Federation Police, she left to become a freelance bounty hunter, upon which she carved her name into history for being virtually unstoppable.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C | 5-B | At least Low 4-C | Unknown normally. 3-B with white hole manipulation

Name: Samus Aran

Origin: Metroid

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Classification: Enhanced Human, Human / Chozo / Metroid Hybrid, Elite Bounty Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Scan Visor (Gives out basic information and weaknesses), Self-Healing (Concentration is Low), Precognition, Regeneration (High-Low when suit suffers breaking or cracks), Energy Projection, Weapon Mastery, Vehicular Mastery, Ice Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Can absorb and redirect energy projectiles, Can enhance her AP by charging her attacks, Barrier and Armor Bypassing with Wave Beam, Temporary Invulnerability and Damage upon impact with Electro Armor, Energy and Life Absorption, Resistance to Acid Manipulation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Adapted to Gravity Manipulation. | Weaponized Plasma, X-Ray Visor, Speed Boosting, Temporary Invulnerability with Screw Attack and Speed Booster, Rage Power, Internal Organ damaging with Plasma Beam, Healing (At least Mid-Low with Crystal Flash), Time Deceleration with Phase Drift. Resistance to the following: Gravity, Radiation, Atomic Destruction, Possession, and Heat. | Has weaponized Matter and Antimatter, Light, and Dark Energy, can transform into energy if the energy is a large beam, Space-Time Distortion with the Sonic Boom. Portal Creation / BFR with the Dark Burst. Immunity to Toxic Gas and Possession. | Statistics Amplification, Invulnerability, Phazon Manipulation, Nova Beam which when combined with X-Ray Vision allows her to bypass shielding, Electro Lob causes temporary blindness, Sub-Atomic destruction with Shock Coil, Volt Driver and Seeker Missile can track her enemies, Energy Manipulation, Energy Drain with Hyper Grapple, White Hole Manipulation, Regeneration (At least High) Negation.

Attack Potency: Island level (Superior to the original basic power suit, which could take hits from Ridley at his weakest. Caused an underwater volcano to explode with her power beam in Samus in Joey.) | Planet level (With her Power Bomb in Samus and Joey EX, it was stated to be capable of destroying a planet, this was further supported by Samus Aran herself. Other weapons should be on a similar level if not higher. Also absorbed the Light of Aether - A fraction of this energy can stabilize an entire planet - with no notable increase in power. Can defeat Tallon Metroids, one of which can survive the impact of the Leviathan.) | At least Small Star level (Defeated a maxed out Dark Samus, the later who at her weakest was able to tank Dark Aether's matter turning into energy to return to Aether) | Unknown normally (With the PED Suit she could take on Dark Samus post-fusing with Phazee, who had surpassed the potency of her previous fourth form by an astronomical margin). Multi-Galaxy level+ with White Hole Manipulation (At the end of S&J, a Black hole was created that could have destroyed the universe. Samus, granted by Animus was able to produce a White Hole capable of canceling out all the Black Holes, thus saving the universe.)

Speed: At least Massively Hypersonic+ (Speed Booster allows her to run at supersonic speeds on Zebes which has 960x gravity; quadruple digit Machs at bare minimum) | Massively FTL+ (Fought a weakened Meta-Ridley, who shouldn't be too much slower than Post-Corruption or Proteus Ridley, dodged attacks from Gorea and fought Phantoon) | Massively FTL+ (Can tag Meta Ridley's flight speeds in the Phazon Suit, which Dark Samus steals and enhances but is still unable to surpass Samus) | Massively FTL+ (The PED Suit should be far superior to the Light Suit)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 50, likely higher (Was able to throw a fish creature completely submerged in magma, that was covered in hardened magma for armor, the size of a bus out of magma [magma having 1,000 times the viscosity of water] at least two stories into the air. She was able to swing said fish around in the air with seemingly little effort. Was able to casually hold up a giant missile with only one arm.) | Unknown | At least Class K (Comparable to Ghor, who casually lifted Samus' ship).

Striking Strength: Island Class (Shown capable to hurt Alpha Metroids through counterattacking them) | Likely Planet Class (Also shown deflecting Zeta Metroids with her arm cannon.) | Unknown

Durability: Island level (Superior to original base Power Suit.) | Planet level (Can withstand the blast of her power bomb, was even capable of withstanding the shockwaves of the explosion in her basic Power Suit) | At least Small Star level (Withstood shots from Dark Samus) | Unknown (Invulnerability in Hypermode, precognition, and regenerative powers make her hard to kill)

Stamina: Very high thanks to both Chozo DNA and intense military training, limitless with Phazon

Range: Standard melee range. Dozens of kilometers using her basic weapons | Can reach up to Stellar with standard and advanced equipment | Universal with White Hole manipulation

Standard Equipment: Legendary Varia Suit, Combat Visor, Scan Visor, X-Ray Visor, Long Beam, Charge Beam, Wave Beam, Ice Beam, Plasma Beam, Missiles, Super Missiles, Seeker Missiles, Morph Ball, Morph Ball Bomb, Power Bomb, Spider Ball, Boost Ball, Space Jump, Screw Attack, Grapple Beam.

Intelligence: Genius level combat intelligence (Having been taken in and trained by the Chozo from an early age, Samus is a master of all forms of combat, being a skilled hand-to-hand combatant, a stellar acrobat, and an amazing markswoman.), and Genius level with Technology, (Designed her own gunship which she used in Metroid Prime 3 and Federation Force). Likely at least Gifted otherwise (She is familiar with all forms of alien fauna, civilizations, and technology, recognizing most species at a glance and operating and navigating through the various traps they have laid for her with relative ease.)

Weaknesses: Samus somehow manages to lose most if not all of her equipment before or during a mission, but always gets them all back by the end. Has a PTSD complex with Ridley that might be able to be exploited by opponents with mental/magical powers, but will most likely not come up in regular fights.


Notable Attacks and Techniques:

  • Power Suit: This is the base form of Samus' power armor called the Power Suit. Samus' Power Suit is modular, capable of integrating any form of technology into it to be used. She has acquired multiple suits over the years, each adding and improving upon one another. The base form of Samus' Power Suit provides Samus with life support to survive underwater and in outer space almost indefinitely, resistance to most airborne toxins such as industrial grade pesticide and Energy Shielding that surrounds Samus' entire Power Suit to protect her from attacks, with the only weapon being the Power Beam. Due to the suit's modular nature, Samus doesn't stay like this for long. Samus' Pre-Zero Mission Power Suit was capable of integrating all upgrades except for the oldest of Chozo Power Ups, that being the Space Jump, Plasma Beam and Gravity Suit. Samus received the Legendary Power Suit after completing the Ruins Test near the end of Zero Mission. She has kept this version of the Power Suit ever since, and has been able to integrate every piece of usable technology Samus has ever encountered. All of Samus' upgrades and their effects stack on top of one another.
  • Energy Tank: A direct upgrade to Samus' Power Suit shielding, an Energy Tank increases Samus' total energy units by 100 and fully heals her upon acquisition. Samus most often holds a maximum of 14 Energy Tanks, but the lowest she has ever had was 6 in Metroid 1 & 2, while the most she has ever had was 20 Energy Tanks in Metroid Fusion.
  • Reserve Tank: Only appearing in Super Metroid, a Reserve Tank is an Energy Tank that Samus can hold in reserve, as its name would suggest. Reserve Tanks can only be filled with either an energy refill station like the one located in Samus' Gunship, or by collecting energy pickups from defeated enemies while Samus' Energy Tanks are completely filled. The most Reserve Tanks Samus has acquired is a total of 4.
  • E-Recovery Tank: This upgrade determines the maximum amount of health Samus is able to replenish via Concentration. Samus has acquired a maximum of 3.
  • Missile Tank: Missile Tanks expand Samus' total Missile capacity. Most often Missile Tanks give Samus 5 Missiles per tank. In Other M Samus gets 1 per tank and in Samus Returns she gets 3 per tank. Missile Tanks do not fully restore Samus' ammo but does give Samus extra Missiles to use. For example, if Samus finds a Missile Tank while out of Missiles in Super Metroid she will receive 5 Misiiles to use right away.
  • Super Missile Tank: Super Missile Tanks increase Samus' total Super Missile capacity. The amount these tanks give varies, most recently Super Missile Tanks give Samus either 2 or 1 Super Missile per tank. In Super Metroid only Samus received 5 Super Missiles per tank. Super Missile Tanks do not fully restore Samus' ammo but does give Samus extra Super Missiles to use. For example, if Samus finds a Super Missile Tank while out of Super Missiles in Super Metroid she will receive 5 Super Missiles to use right away.
  • Power Bomb Tank: Power Bomb Tanks increase Samus' maximum Power Bomb capacity. In Super Metroid Power Bomb Tanks give Samus 5 Power Bombs per tank, while in every other Metroid game Samus gets 1 or 2 Power Bombs per tank. Power Bomb Tanks do not fully restore Samus' ammo but does give Samus extra Power Bombs to use. For example, if Samus finds a Power Bomb Tank while out of Power Bombs in Super Metroid she will receive 5 Power Bombs to use right away.
  • Aeion Tank: Aeion Tanks increases the size of the Aeion Fuel Bar in Samus Returns. Each Aeion Tank increases the Aeion Gauge by 50 and completely restores it, similar to an Energy Tank.
  • Energy Transfer Module (ETM): An upgrade exclusive to Metroid Prime 2, the ETM bonded itself with Samus after defeating the Dark Alpha Splinter in the beginning of the game. It allows Smaus to store a large portion of the energy of Planet Aether within herself to transfer from one Energy Controller to another. The ETM also assists Samus with resisting Ing possession attempts since it is made of pure light as seen in Samus' notes: "The Energy Transfer Module has a power core fueled by light energy. The presence of this energy protects the user from Ing possession."
  • Varia Suit: Samus' most recognizable suit. The Varia Suit, directly translated as "Barrier Suit", turns Samus' armor orange and gives her the notable large shoulder pads, as well as immunity to extreme temperatures (Samus' base Power Suit doesn't seem to take damage from extreme cold before Fusion since Samus becomes part Metroid in Fusion), acid (Zero Mission only), and most often provides a 50% damage reduction from all attacks.
  • Gravity Suit: Turns Samus' armor purple (sometimes turns Samus' lights blue as well as being surrounded by a purple aura when under altered gravity effects) and provides Samus with immunity from lava damage, the ability to move normally in liquids, decompression (everything getting sucked out of a space station or whole in the wall), Zero-G, Super Gravity, altered gravity (such as making you stick to the ceiling), basically every form of gravity manipulation does not affect Samus while she has the Gravity Suit and she is able to move normally, as well as providing a 25% reduction to all damage.
    • Gravity Boost: Obtained in the Undertemple of the Torvus Bog in Metroid Prime 2, the Gravity Boost is Prime 2's equivalent to the Gravity Suit. The Gravity Boost is not shown to negate gravity manipulation, however it allows normal movement in water, much better vision in murky water and a third jump while in water. This third jump is not like a regular jump, but allows Samus to float upwards after she jumps twice with the Space Jump Boots.
  • Phazon Suit: Obtained near the end of Metroid Prime 1, Samus' suit itself got corrupted with pure Phazon after the death of the Omega Pirate. This turned Samus' armor black/gray and lights red, granting her damage immunity from blue Phazon, additional damage reduction of 25% and the ability to use the Phazon Beam when standing in pools of pure Phazon. This Phazon Beam is a constant stream of energy, and not a semi-automatic weapon like Samus' other beams.
  • Dark Suit: Obtained after defeating one the first temple guardian Amorbis in Metroid Prime 2, this suit grants immunity to Ingclaw vapor and reduces the damage Samus takes from the atmosphere of Dark Aether by 80%, there is no indication that it increases damage reduction however.
  • Light Suit: Obtained near the very end of Metroid Prime 2, this suit grants immunity to Dark Aether's atmosphere, Dark Water and Ingstorm, as well as the ability to ride light shafts and teleport from one location to another along the light shaft. There seems to be no indication of the Light Suit increasing Samus' damage reduction however.
  • PED Suit: At the beginning of Metroid Prime 3, Samus was corrupted with Phazon and was able to generate it herself naturally. The PED Suit allows Samus to utilize this Phazon as a weapon. This suit allows Samus to enter Hypermode, automatically canceling out Hyper mode after 25 seconds have passed. Samus is also able to restore her health rapidly by gaining contact with pools of Phazon.
    • Hazard Shield: A direct upgrade to the PED Suit, the Hazard Shield negates damage from Acid Rain and Fuel Gel.
  • Fusion Suit: At the beginning of Metroid Fusion, Samus was infected with an X Parasite. The Power Suit could not be removed without Samus' cooperation since the suit itself has organic components that bond with Samus' body, so large parts of the suit had to be surgically removed in order for the GF to operate. The only cure that was found was a vaccine developed using a Metroid cell structure. This vaccine turned what was left of Samus' Power Suit into the Fusion Suit. This process caused Samus to lose all of the power ups she had previously, being only left with the Power Beam and a new blue suit that has the least amount of armor and protection Samus has ever had in the series (not counting the Zero Suit). In exchange, Samus is now part Metroid, allowing her to never be infected by an X Parasite again. She can now absorb X Parasites for health, ammo and to regain all the power ups she had lost whenever she absorbs a Core-X. However, this gave her the Metroids crippling weakness to cold as well. Once Samus acquires the Varia Suit upgrade to the Fusion Suit, it seemingly cures Samus' weakness to cold because she can no longer be frozen, take damage when in extreme cold or hot temperatures and will not take damage when absorbing a Sub-Zero X Parasite which effects Samus internally. By the end of Fusion, Samus has regained all of her abilities, and absorbed an SA-X, giving her a Yellow/Orange Fusion Suit (dubbed by fans as the Omega Suit), that has durability comparable to the Post-Zero Mission Varia Suit.
  • Zero Suit: What can be considered Samus' lowest level of defense, this skintight body suit is unable to use any of the abilities of the Power Suit, but is still able to use Energy Shielding equal to however many Energy Tanks Samus has acquired. While wearing the Zero Suit, Samus only has access to the Paralyzer emergency pistol, an auto charging stun gun that can stun enemies instantly, but has no lethal capacity. Two things to note about the Zero Suit, first it does not increase her movement speed or dexterity like is seen in Super Smash Brothers. The removal of the Power Suit arguably makes Samus lighter only. There is no direct proof of this except that Samus can jump as high as if she had the High Jump Boots while in the Zero Suit in Zero Mission, even if you didn't collect them in the game. In Other M Samus actually runs slower without the Power Suit activated. The Power Suit adds to what Samus can do, not take them away. Second, the Zero Suit seems to have some connection to Samus' Power Suit but they are not one and the same. Samus has been shown to wear something other than the Zero Suit yet still activate her Power Suit, like here for example:

One of Samus' main forms of attack, her beams provide long range attack capabilities that are as modular as Samus' Power Suit itself since they can be stacked on top of one another. Special Weapons always have ammo while Samus' Beams always has unlimited ammo aside from a few exceptions. Special Weapons have not been shown to stack with anything.

  • Power Beam Samus' standard beam weapon that is an integral part of her Power Suit for she has never lost this ability. The Power Beam has a range of 3 - 10 meters without the Long Beam and is useful at defeating weak enemies. Being an integral part of the Power Suit, the Power Beam can be directly upgraded if necessary by abilities such as the Plasma Beam. Although this beam may be weak compared to Samus' other beams it's power is not to be underestimated.
  • Long Beam: As the name suggests, it gives Samus' arm cannon much improved range as well as a slight increase in damage. Samus has never lost this ability since receiving it in Metroid 1/Zero Mission, having it by default in every Metroid game after Zero Mission in the timeline. Strangely enough in the backstory manga Samus' Power Beam seems to have great range even though she shouldn't have the Long Beam until the final 2 chapters.
  • Charge Beam: Not an actual beam, but allows Samus to charge a single beam shot to be much more powerful than normal. Normally beams cannot harm some bosses, but it can if Samus charges the beam. When an enemy is hit point blank with a Charge Beam they are dealt increased damage as seen with Metroid Fusion where enemies are dealt triple the damage. It is also displayed in Other M where normally a Charge Shot would not kill an enemy, it can if Samus uses and Overblast. The Charge Beam also gives Samus a vacuum effect to bring health and ammo pickups to her if she is close enough to the pickups. In Metroid Samus Returns it is shown that health and ammo pick ups automatically travel towards Samus, but the range of this seems shorter than the Charge Beam's vacuum effect.
  • Spazer/Wide Beam: This beam turns Samus' regular Power Beam into three, much larger and much more powerful projectiles. It does not decrease firing speed and each of the three projectiles are independent, meaning that if 1 projectile collides with a surface it can't pass through, the other 2 will continue unimpeded. The Spazer Beam was incapable of combining with the Plasma Beam in Super Metroid, however the Wide Beam was capable of being stacked with the Plasma Beam in Fusion, the next game to be released and the latest in the Timeline. Since the Spazer and Wide Beam perform the same function and because in Metroid Samus Returns the Spazer Beam can be stacked with the Plasma Beam, both are capable of being stacked with all other beams.
  • 2D Wave Beam: Gives Samus an increase in attack power and allows her beam to pass through walls, floors, and transparent and semi transparent objects including glass and energy barriers.
  • Prime Wave Beam: A beam based on pure electricity that can paralyze enemies if hit by a charge shot, the regular shot fires three shots at a time in a wave pattern. If Samus is locked on to an enemy, regular and charge shots will home in on an enemy.
  • 2D Ice Beam: Increases beam attack power and can freeze enemies, allowing Samus to use them as platforms. The freezing effect lasts about 10 seconds but can be consistently reapplied if the enemy is continually hit by Samus' Ice Beam. In Other M only, enemies in mid air fall to the ground when frozen, normally enemies in mid air stay in mid air when frozen.
  • Prime Ice Beam: Greatly increases attack power and freezes enemies, some getting killed in one hit, but has a slower fire rate.
  • 2D Plasma Beam: This is Samus' single most powerful beam weapon. It not only has the single greatest attack power of Samus' beams, but can pass through enemies, dealing damage every instant it is in contact with the enemy, meaning it can potentially deal multiple times normal damage.
  • Prime Plasma Beam: A weapon that basically fires concentrate beams of molten plasma at an enemy. It doesn't have quite the same fire rate as the Power Beam, but is pretty close in fire rate and is Samus' most powerful beam weapon in Prime 1, so the damage it deals makes up for the slightly decreased fire rate. This beam is able to completely disintegrate enemies in seconds, all but the strongest enemies are reduced to ash in one charged shot
  • Volt Driver: Draws energy directly from a planet's electromagnetic field to fire fast moving electric projectiles reminiscent of the Power Beam at opponents. When charged the Volt Driver fires a large, slow moving electric projectile at opponents. The Volt Driver's charge shot is unable to seek out targets when Samus uses it, that is a trait exclusive to Kanden.
  • Battle Hammer: A heavy duty weapon powered by a miniature nuclear reactor in the arm cannon, and has a small blast radius. It is unable to be charged, but can be rapid fired, each projectiles flying in an arc.
  • Imperialist: Samus' first sniper beam, it cannot be charged however it is very potent and also is silent assuming you aren't right next to the wielder making it great for stealth. When Trace uses this weapon and stands still he can turn invisible, however no one else has been shown to be able to do this when using the Imperialist.
  • Judicator: Using ultra-cooled plasma as a weapon, it reaches around absolute zero. Samus charging the Judicator causes 3 projectiles to shoot out instead of 1.
  • Magmaul: Powered by a hyperstatic hydrogen core, it fires blasts of superheated magma. The molten projectiles bounce off of walls and roll along the ground until they explode automatically after 3 seconds. When charged the Magmaul fires a larger, more damaging projectile with a greater blast radius.
  • Shock Coil: Arguably the most dangerous weapon in Metroid Prime Hunters, it allows Samus to fire high density neutrinos (although over a trillion Neutrinos pass through the human body every second but cause no damage due to their low mass), damaging the enemy at a sub-atomic level (Interesting fact, despite being created by the Galactic Federation, it is against the law to have this weapon. Perhaps a foreshadowing of the Federation's betrayal...)
  • Omega Cannon: Fires a large, powerful, yet slow moving projectile that travels a significant distance before exploding. However, if the projectile hits an enemy, it will explode upon contact. Not counting when Samus' own Missiles are caught and thrown back at her, the Omega Cannon is the only one of Samus' weapons so far that can damage Samus if she is too close to the explosion. Described as an abomination by the Alimbic Elders, it's mere presence leaks heavy gamma radiation, suggesting nuclear firepower.
  • Dark Beam: Replicating the effects of the Prime Ice Beam yet with a faster fire rate, it is fueled by dark energy that does extreme damage to beings that don't come from Dark Aether. Only charged Dark Beam shots, called the Entangler, have been shown to freeze enemies in place, regular Dark Beam shots just damage enemies. Enemies frozen with the Dark Beam can be destroyed with one regular Missile, just like with the Ice Beam.
  • Light Beam: Like the Prime Plasma Beam it pierces and burns enemies that aren't killed immediately making it very dangerous, but its effects on beings from Dark Aether is much more lethal. When charged the Light Beam shoots multiple shots like a shotgun and if Samus is locked onto an enemy the shots of a charge shot will home in on the enemy.
  • Annihilator Beam: Using both Dark and Light energy, meaning using ammo for both the Dark and Light Beam, makes this weapon super-effective against all enemies while being a matter-antimatter weapon. Is able to interface with sonic equipment, despite being a matter-antimatter weapon. Regular shots will home in on targets even if Samus is not locked on, the charge shot however travels slower and does not home in on enemies.
  • Nova Beam: An enhanced version of the Prime Plasma Beam from Metroid Prime 3, it increases Samus' beam damage even further and the ability to hit weak spots. The Nova Beam has only been shown to bypass Phazite or Phazon based armor. However, if the enemy is wearing Phazite armor then the Nova Beam will pass through the armor with no resistance when used in conjunction with the X-Ray Visor, causing the enemy to die in one hit if Samus shoots an enemies weakpoint. The Space Pirates used Phazite armor thought the game Samus acquired the Nova Beam, Metroid Prime 3.
  • Grapple Beam: Allows Samus to attack what is essentially an energy grappling hook to objects or enemies. Once attached, Samus is able to swing herself from one location to another, sometimes from one grapple point to another.
    • Grapple Lasso: Allows Samus to attach to Grapple Beam to certain objects like enemy shields and doors, so that they can be ripped off.
    • Grapple Swing: Allows Samus to attach the Grapple Beam to specific Grapple Points and swing from one place to another, or from one Grapple Point to another.
    • Grapple Voltage: Allows Samus to inject the energy from her energy shielding into certain grapple objects, or drain energy from certain grapple objects to replenish her own energy shielding, even from other enemies.

One of Samus' main forms of attack, the Missile adds ballistic firepower to Samus' arsenal and are able to break certain substances that Samus' other equipment can't scratch such as Brinstone and Cordite. Samus can acquire different kinds of Missiles such as the Super Missile or direct upgrades such as the Seeker Missile. Regular Missiles perform differently depending on whether it's present in the 2D games or the 3D Prime games. Samus can seemingly chose whether or not she can fire her Missiles with tracking by locking onto an enemy, or to "dumb fire" the Missiles without tracking. Giving the Missiles tracking makes the time to load another Missile take about a second. Conversely choosing to "dumb fire" the Missiles without tracking significantly increases their fire rate.

  • Regular Missile: The standard Missile gives Samus ballistic firepower. In the 2-D Metroid games, it appears as if it lacks the ability to lock on and follow enemies but can be fired rapidly in exchange. However in the 3-D Prime games it does have the ability to follow enemies with very good tracking. Missile will continually seek out targets until they hit something. Samus usually holds a maximum of 250 or 255 regular Missiles. The least amount of Missiles Samus has ended a Metroid game with was 80 in Other M, while the most she's ever had was 264 in Samus Returns.
  • Super Missiles: A much more powerful variation of a missile, and relies on a different set of ammo than her normal Missiles. It is equal to 5 missiles in power and can cause small earthquakes in the surrounding area, although it lasts about 1 second. The amount of Super Missiles Samus can hold varies, but her maximum has been 50 in Super Metroid, while the lowest she has had was 30 in Zero Mission. However, in Metroid Fusion Samus gains a Super Missile upgrade to her regular Missiles. Although these Super Missiles deal 3 times the damage of a regular Missile instead of 5, Samus had 255 of them. There is a difference between the Metroid Prime Charge Combo Super Missile and the "regular" Super Missiles that Samus can find and acquire expansions for. The Charge Combo Super Missile can lock onto targets with good tracking, while the regular Super Missile have not been shown to have tracking expect for Other M. Since Samus can seemingly decide whether or not Regular Missiles can have tracking, Samus can most likely do the same with Super Missiles.
  • Seeker Missile: Allows Samus to fire a maximum of 5 missiles at one target or lock 1 missile onto 5 separate targets, including enemy weakpoints. Samus is not required to shoot five Missile, but 5 Missiles is the maximum. The Seeker Missiles in Other M work different than the Prime incarnation does. For Other M's Seeker Missiles, one of the Missiles is a Super Missile while the other Missiles are stronger than normal Missiles, but not quite as strong as a Super Missile. This might be because Samus has to charge up her beam to fire the Seeker Missiles in Other M and could work similarly to how Samus can charge a regular Bomb to be used as a Power Bomb.
  • Ice Missile: In the Fusion suit, Samus lacks the capability of using an Ice Beam until she receives the Omega Suit (so it is said in the story although the Varia Suit upgrade basically allows Samus to eat Sub-Zero X Parasites), and instead uses this missile, which has the same properties of the Ice Beam. Frozen enemies can then be killed by either a second Ice Missile or Samus' beam.
  • Diffusion Missile: Pretty much a Charge Beam but for missiles, cause a very large AOE explosion when a fully charge Diffusion Missiles hits anything. The Diffusion Missile have only been seen after acquiring Ice Missiles, so enemies are frozen n the AOE explosion and not killed. However this upgrade can potentially making even the normal missile a big threat.

They are a combination of Samus's Missiles and Beams, they are far superior to their requirements

  • Super Missile (CC): Fires off a missile far superior to Samus' normal homing missiles, bearing speed and power comparable to standard military warheads at the cost of limited homing capacity and damaging materials that would survive normal barrages. The damage output is greater than 5 missiles, despite requiring 5 missiles to activate.
  • Wave Buster: Shoots a stream of electricity (think Ghostbuster Proton Packs) that tracks the enemy and continually stuns them (doesn't require a lock-on).
  • Ice Spreader: Fires a powerful blast of ice that travels up to twenty meters before detonating on impact, flash freezing the target and everything around it. If fired when locked-on to an aerial target, such as a Metroid, the Ice Spreader will fire a projectile similar to an Ice Missile. The missile will freeze if not destroy the target outright, such as a Metroid, and freeze any nearby enemies.
  • Flamethrower: Shoots an onslaught of plasma at the enemy like a flamethrower, as its name would suggest.
  • Darkburst: Shoots a large sphere of Dark energy in a straight line that, when it hits an enemy, opens a portal to another dimension (other than Dark Aether, since enemies in Dark Aether are affected and sent somewhere else), sucking in smaller enemies into oblivion while severely damaging larger targets.
  • Sunburst: Shoots an orb of Light energy, even after the enemy gets hit, it causes a burning effect.
  • Sonic Boom: Shoots a Matter-Anti-Matter burst that distorts time and space, hits enemies instantly.

The visors in Samus' arsenal allow her to have constant knowledge of her ammo supply, health, as well as other things like the danger levels of certain chemicals.

  • Combat Visor: Shows Samus' Heads Up Display (HUD) that displays her health, missile count, map, threat level, what beams and visors Samus has and a radar that shows where an enemy is whether they are moving or not and if they are above or below Samus as long as they are within Samus' radar range. If enemies are invisible and cannot be seen/detected with the Combat Visor such as Chozo Ghosts or the Omega Pirate while it is invisible, it will not show on Samus' radar.
  • Scan Visor: A potent visor that allows Samus to completely scan an enemy in seconds, giving Samus a vast amount of knowledge of the biology, history, behavioral patterns and perhaps revealing weaknesses or vulnerable damage locations of her enemies.
  • Dark Visor: Allows Samus to see inter-dimensional flux and lock on to beings who would be usually unable to be locked on.
  • Echo Visor: Allows Samus to see sound waves in a monochromatic colored view of the world.
  • Thermal Visor: As it's named, it allows Samus to see in the Thermal light spectrum.
  • X-Ray Visor: Like it's named it allows a view through the X-Ray light spectrum, and when used alongside the Nova Beam it allows the bypass Phazite armor to attack weak spots.

An ability nearly as iconic as Samus' Varia Suit, the Morph Ball provides a fast and easy way to dodge attacks as well as the ability to use bombs. The Morph Ball is also useful for getting into tight spaces that Samus would normally be unable to traverse without taking off her Power Suit.

  • Bomb: The bomb functionality allows Samus to temporarily stun and push back her enemies, making it quite the annoyance. The bomb runs on a timer and will explode once the timer expires. If an enemy comes into direct contact with a bomb, the bomb will explode automatically (this varies from game to game). It is also important to note that Samus' bombs float wherever they are deployed, however strong winds can move them as seen in Metroid Samus Returns. Bombs are also capable of destroying certain materials, such as Talloric Alloy, that usually open up small holes that allow Samus to escape hairy situations or traverse new areas. Samus' bombs deal close to 1 Missile's worth of damage so they are not to be underestimated. Consider their firepower comparable to a grenade but with a small blast radius.
  • Power Bomb: An omnidirectional blast of extreme heat that can vaporize most regular enemies, humans, and durable materials like Denzium as well as entire metal elevators in Other M. The character "Blast" was capable of creating a Power Bomb powerful enough to destroy an entire planet in S & J. In-game it is shown to act like a nuke, although the blast radius is nowhere near as large as a nuke would be. The amount of Power Bombs that Samus has ended the games with varies greatly, although the most she's had was 74 Power bombs in Fusion, while the least she's ever had was 9 in Prime 1. In Other M Samus can charge a regular Bomb and then use that as a Power Bomb. Samus has no ammo limit for Power Bombs using this method, although there is a lengthy cooldown before it can be done again.
  • Boost Ball: A quick chargeable boost in speed, the morph ball moves so fast that Samus can use it as a weapon. Samus is able to use this ability to gain height on Half-Pipe structures, using the momentum to reach heights she normally would not be able to reach with just the Space Jump Boots.
  • Spider Ball: Allows Samus to cling to any wall in Morph Ball during Metroid 2: Return of Samus and Metroid: Samus Returns only. Throughout the Prime Trilogy, the Spider Ball allows Samus to stick only to magnetic surfaces. In Metroid Samus Returns, strong winds that can affect Bombs can move Samus along whatever surface she is clinging to with the Spider Ball, but Samus will remain attached to that surface unless hit by something. In every incarnation of the Spider Ball, Samus will be dislodged from whatever she is clinging to once she takes damage.
  • Spring Ball: Allows Samus to jump while in Morph Ball. Most often given to Samus when she receives the High Jump Boots.

Samus has acquired multiple abilities that have increased not only her durability and attack power, but her speed and agility as well.

  • High Jump Boots: Doubles Samus' jump height and gives Samus the Spring Ball ability.
  • Space Jump Boots: An ability exclusive to the Metroid Prime series, these boots give Samus rockets in her boots that let her perform a double jump.
  • Space Jump: Not to be confused with the Space Jump Boots, the Space Jump jacks up the power of Samus' back and feet boosters to maximum capacity to allow Samus to jump indefinitely as long as she is spin jumping.
  • Screw Attack: This upgrade allows Samus to turn her body into a buzz-saw of deadly energy while spin jumping. Not only does it deal enough damage to kill all non-boss enemies in one hit, but the Screw Attack also causes Samus to be immune to majority of all forms of enemy damage, expect certain powerful attacks by bosses. In the Metroid Prime series, the Screw Attack retains its deadly attack power, but can only be used after double jumping, and will allow Samus to jump 5 times in one direction, being able to turn very slowly.
  • Speed Booster: Once Samus runs in one direction long enough, this ability allows Samus to run at supersonic speeds while being surrounded by energy. This turns Samus into an unstoppable force of nature, killing all enemies in one hit, dealing major damage to high-end bosses, and can break through very durable materials like stone pillars or rock walls like butter. Samus is capable of jumping while running in Speed Booster to greatly increase her jump height and velocity. However, if Samus jumps while Speed Boosting she will stop Speed Boosting once she hits the ground.
    • Shinespark: Once Samus initiates the Speed Booster, she can crouch and store the charge. This will allow her to launch herself into the air either horizontally, diagonally or vertically at supersonic speeds. She's basically speed boosting in mid-air. If she collides with a solid wall that the Speed Booster cannot break through, she will stop, but be undamaged. If Samus Shinesparks into a curved surface, she will start Speed Boosting again, and can chain Shinesparks and speed boosts that way. If Samus has the Spring Ball, she will be able to jump and Shinespark while in Morph Ball mode.
  • Power Grip: Allows Samus to grip ledges and pull herself up. Samus inherently possesses this ability while in the Zero Suit and Fusion Suit. Samus possesses this ability in the beginning of Metroid Samus Returns although it does not apear in the inventory screen. The Power Grip might have become an integral part of Samus' Power Suit like the Long Beam.

If Samus injects one Energy Tank to use as fuel, she receives an extreme boost in power and durability making this a very formidable power. During the first 10 seconds of Hyper Mode, Samus is invulnerable to all damage. After that 10 seconds expires, she becomes corrupted, causing her Phazon level to rise. This will allow her to stay in Hyper Mode much longer, as she naturally gains Phazon continuously to attack with, as well as from enemy damage. However, if Samus' Phazon meter fills and stays filled for too long, she will die via Terminal Corruption. If Samus remains in Hyper Mode for 25 seconds, the PED Suit will auto-vent and she will return to normal. Note that if Samus does not turn corrupted and doesn't use all of her Phazon energy, she can deactivate Hyper Mode manually and have a portion of the Energy Tank she injected left over to use. When Samus arrived on the planet Phaaze, her corruption level rose immediately from 75% to 100%. In order for her to delay Terminal Corruption, Samus vented all of her Energy Tanks in order to store the excess Phazon. Samus is basically in her Corrupted state, except it continue to last as long as her corruption level is at 100% (seems to be only usable when on Phaaze), and it takes much more damage for Samus to die via Terminal Corruption.

  • Phazon Beam/ Hyper Beam: An exclusive beam for Hyper mode, its power exceeds that of even the strongest of Samus' arsenal, including the Annihilator and Nova Beams.
  • Hyper Ball: Much like the Power Bomb, it is an omnidirectional attack; however, unlike the Power Bomb, the Hyper Ball seems to attack using electricity and doesn't stop after activated, and can continue until either Samus runs out of Phazon or wishes to stop.
  • Hyper Missile: An extreme Phazon waster, the Hyper Missile makes up for that with damage on a massive scale, seemingly dwarfing Samus' Super Missile in terms of power and collateral damage.
  • Hyper Grapple: The hyper version of the Grapple Voltage, it allows Samus to inject her Phazon energy inside her enemies, inflicting massive damage, or absorbing energy from them as well.

  • Crystal Flash: By laying a Power Bomb (and putting in the right button combination) Samus can perform this technique. It utilizes the energy from the Power Bomb to heal Samus, enveloping her in what might be described as an energy cocoon that heals Samus' Energy tanks completely while filling up 30 units of energy in 1 Reserve Tanks. In order to initiate the technique, Samus must be at 50 health or below, all Energy and Reserve Tanks are depleted, and as long as she has at least 10 Missiles, 10 Super Missiles and 11 Power Bombs, she can perform this technique. She needs 11 Power bombs because she needs to use one Power Bomb to initiate the Crystal Flash, and then the technique consumes 10 Missiles, 10 Supers and 10 Power Bombs. Samus does not need to have 10 Missiles, 10 Supers and 11 Power Bombs exactly to initiate the technique. As long as she has enough ammo to consume, she can use the Crystal Flash.
  • Concentration: A rather controversial ability considering the game it hails from and what it can do, this technique allows Samus to restore her ammo completely in 2 seconds, and can refill a certain amount of her Energy Tanks, which takes about 5-6 seconds. The amount of Energy Tanks she can replenish is equal to the amount of E-Recovery Tanks she has acquired. If Samus has no E-Recovery Tanks, Concentration will heal 99 units of energy. If Samus sits still and concentrates, her suit is able to gather energy, chemicals, and whatever else she needs from the surrounding environment (that's the only thing I can think of that makes sense) in order to replenish her ammunition and energy shields. While using Concentration, Samus must remain perfectly still. If she is hit, she will have to restart the Concentration process all over again.
  • Wall Jump: Samus is capable of jumping off of one wall toward another wall, and can keep jumping between two walls. It is also possible for Samus to immediately reverse her momentum to move back toward the wall she jumped off of, in order to continuously jump off of the same wall. This allows Samus to access areas that would otherwise be unreachable without the necessary movement systems like the Space Jump.
  • Beam Shields: In Super Metroid only, if Samus charges up the Ice, Wave, Spazer or Plasma Beam by themselves while the Power Bomb is selected, she will be able to generate different beam shields with various effects. These Beam Shields activate about 2 seconds after Samus finished charging one of her beams. Each Beam Shield costs 1 Power Bomb to initiate. A video can be viewed to better visualize what the beams shields do here.
    • Ice Shield: 4 large ice shots circle around Samus from her head to her feet for about 15 seconds, damaging any enemy that makes contact. After the time expires, the ice shots will rapidly fly away from Samus, damaging anything they come into contact with.
    • Wave Cascade: 4 wave shots move toward and away from Samus, creating an X-shaped pattern. The wave shots deal high damage to anything they come into contact with, although they have difficulty following Samus around, unlike the other beam shields. It is best utilized as a well timed, high damage attack on a single target. If Samus does not damage anything with the Wave Cascade, the wave shots will disappear after a time.
    • Spazer Storm: Two Spazer shots will start to circle around Samus and then quickly launch themselves away from her. The shots move at such a great speed, they'll definitely hit something.
    • Plasma Wave: 4 plasma spheres circle around Samus like the Ice Shield, but circle around Samus much faster and quickly move way from Samus off-screen, come back, and then launch away one final time. After that, they will vanish.
  • Overblast: Samus jumps on top of an enemy larger than herself and fires a Charge Beam point blank into the enemy's head or other vulnerable areas such as a nerve or pain center. Samus is able to use this on enemies that aren't that much larger than her such as Zebesian Space Pirates, who are 8 feet tall humanoids at their largest. Depending on her beam's strength and the enemy Samus is facing, such as Sidehoppers and Zebesian Space Pirates, this technique can sometimes kill enemies in one hit.
  • Lethal Strike: When an enemy is stunned, Samus is able to get them in a position to fire a point blank Charge Beam that will instantly kill an enemy. Consider this a sort of coup de grace that Samus will use to finish an enemy. A Lethal Strike may not be a Charge Beam point blank, such as when Samus swung the Vorash in the air using her Grapple Beam, and then proceeded to throw it into a wall so hard that it died at half health. An enemy also doesn't have to be near death for a Lethal Strike to be possible, such is the case with the Kyratian. If a Kyratian falls to the ground after getting hit by Samus' Charge Beam, if she reaches it in time, she can grapple it to the ground, pinning it so Samus can fire a point blank Charge Beam into its upper back, killing it instantly with just the Ice Beam. Considering how Overblasts and Lethal Strikes work, it is most likely possible for Samus to perform these techniques on smaller opponents, considering Samus' strength and expertise with grappling as shown in Other M.
  • Melee Counter: A technique exclusive to Metroid: Samus Returns, it allows Samus to swing her Arm Cannon upwards as if to make a vertical slashing motion. If this attack is timed correctly to hit charging enemies right before they make contact with Samus, it will knock enemies away from her a short distance, stunning them for around 5-6 seconds and will remain stunned for the 5-6 seconds even if they are hit. Samus will be able to instantly fire a more powerful shot after successfully performing this technique as a counter attack that will kill most regular enemies. If this technique is performed on larger enemies (basically mini-bosses or bosses) Samus will be able to perform a sort of Overblast where she can shoot the enemy in it's weak point with whatever weapon she has equipped. The melee counter can kill boss or mini boss enemies, for example Alpha Metroids can be killed in one counter if enough Missiles are fired quick enough and Zeta Metroids are able to be killed using this technique if its health is low enough. If the enemy is frozen, Samus hitting the frozen enemy with the Melee Counter will shatter them, killing them instantly. Whether or not this works on Larval Metrois has yet to be determined.
  • Sensemove: This technique allows Samus to use the boosters on her back to assist her in dodging attacks at the last second, and instantly give her a fully charged Charge Beam to properly counterattack enemies, since she can also fire a Super Missile and/or Seeker Missile from a fully charged Charge Beam if the need arises. Samus has shown more than once in Other M to be able to dodge threats behind her, and threats that are out of view, such as when the Vorash lunged at Samus from below the location she was traveling in, and there was no way for Samus to see or hear the Vorash coming.
  • Aeion Abilities: Abilities that are exclusive to Metroid: Samus Returns, they are mystical in nature as well as Chozo in origin that seem to enhance Samus' physical and technological abilities in some way. All Aeion Abilities use Aeion as fuel which are obtained by either successfully performing the Melee Counter technique and by defeating enemies. The Aeion fuel bar can be expandable when Samus collects a new Aeion ability. The Aeion Bar can also be expanded when Samus collects an Aeion Tank.
    • Scan Pulse: This ability consumes a small amount of Aeion to reveal a small square area of Samus' map as well as reveal what blocks are breakable in the general vicinity. The portion of the map that is revealed by the Scan Pulse stays revealed permanently. Blocks that are highlighted as breakable will stop being highlighted after a short period of time and the blocks that can be revealed as breakable most likely only exist within the portion of the map that the Scan Pulse reveals. Samus is capable of canceling this ability before it is used for whatever reason she may have.
    • Electro Armor: This ability surrounds Samus' entire Power Suit with a green electrical aura that empowers Samus' melee attack and makes Samus immune to damage. Every time Samus takes damage the Aeion fuel gauge decreases, however the Electro Armor will not drain Aeion fuel by staying active, only when Samus is hit by attacks.
    • Beam Barrage: This ability empowers Samus' currently equipped beam, making it deal more damage and massively increases it's fire rate as if it's a rapid fire machine gun. Every shot made will decrease the Aeion fuel gauge, but keeping the ability active will not drain fuel.
    • Phase Drift: This ability slows down time and depletes Aeion the longer it is in use.
  • Boost Backdash: This is a technique of sorts that Samus performed once during a cutscene in Metroid Samus Returns. Samus uses the boosters on her back to to seemingly hover along the ground when she moves backward at a fairly brisk speed and allow her to shoot at a boss while still able to gain distance. This ability cannot be used in game and as such has no name, but is shown to be something that Samus can do. Spoilers ahead for Metroid Samus Returns, however if you want to see a visual of this technique in action then watch this video starting at 2:21:
  • Five Bomb Drop: If Samus enters Morph Ball Mode while carrying a fully charged Charge Beam, Samus will drop 5 bombs at once that are affected by gravity. Samus' normal bombs float wherever they are deployed.
  • Spin Jump Attack: If Samus has a fully charged Charge Beam and spin jumps into an enemy, the enemy will receive damage equivalent to the currently charged beam. In the 2D games in which this is used, if the enemy is not killed by the Spin Jump Attack, Samus will take touch damage. This technique is considered to be a Pseudo Screw Attack.
  • Mockball: If Samus gets a running start, jumps and then turns into Morph Ball right as she hits the ground, she will retain her momentum when she changes into the Morph Ball, propelling her at faster speeds than when she was running. She is able to perform this technique while speed boosting, keeping the Speed Booster active while in Morph Ball.

Key: Basic Legendary Power Suit | Standard Arsenal (Legendary Varia Suit) | Luminoth Light Suit | Composite

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