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Samurai Shodown is a fighting game series made by the game company SNK(now known as SNK Playmore). First released in 1993 for arcades and the Neo Geo home console, Samurai Shodown is famous for being one of the first major weapon oriented fighting games. It has spawned many sequels, an anime, and a couple RPGs.

The game canon timeline is as follows:

1786 (January through late summer) – Samurai Shodown V

1788 (early spring through early summer) – Samurai Shodown

1788 (summer through early autumn) – Samurai Shodown III

1788 (autumn through early winter) – Samurai Shodown IV

1789 (spring through summer) – Samurai Shodown II

1789 (autumn) through 1790 (summer) – Samurai Shodown 64

1790 (late autumn through winter) – Samurai Shodown 64: Warriors Rage

1791 – Samurai Shodown Sen

1811 – Samurai Shodown: Warriors Rage

Note: While Samurai Shodown VI is a game in the series, the game's canonicity is heavily debatable.

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Power of the Verse

The verse is somewhat decent in power, as most of the bladed weapon wielders can easily cleave their foes in half, while the stronger tiers are city level, maybe even higher if the lore is to be believed.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series


Skodwarde The Almighty



Character Profiles



-Shiro Tokisada Amakusa

-Mizuki Rashojin


-Genan Shiranui


-Yoshitora Tokugawa

-Gaoh (Samurai Shodown)

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