Samandriel Supernatural


Samandriel was an angel of Heaven. On the Earth, he used a human vessel called Alfie, who worked at a fast food place called Wiener Hut. Samandriel knew Castiel and admired him for his heart.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely Low 7-B

Name: Samandriel, Alfie

Origin: Supernatural

Gender: Male

Age: Millions of Years Old

Classification: Angel

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsMatter Manipulation (Atomic level), Energy ManipulationTelekinesisPyrokinesisPhotokinesisSmiting, Non-Corporeal, Astral Projection / Dream WalkingImmortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Mid-High), InvisibilityTelepathyTeleportationHealing/ResurrectionSoul ManipulationTime Travel / ChronokinesisWind Manipulation, Resistance to Time Stop and to Soul Manipulation (as he doesn't have one) and to Diseases, Time Paradox Immunity (Angels are immune to the effects of rewrites in the timelines), Sleep Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Higher Senses (Angels can see things normally invisible to humans as well as the true nature of a being), Voice Mimicry, BFR (via placing finger), Can physically grab incorporeal beings

Attack Potency: Likely Small City level (His screams of pain alone were creating tornados all over the state of Nebraska. Should be comparable to other Low-Tier Angels such as Hael)

Speed: Subsonic+ movement speed, with possibly Massively Hypersonic reactions (Power-scaling from Castiel)

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Room Class

Durability: At least Building level+, possibly Small City level in Host (Regeneration and his nature as a Non-Corporeal being in True Form makes him very hard to kill) 

Stamina: Nigh-Limitless

Range: Kilometers for most abilities, at least Low Multiversal for teleportation

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Very High due to Age and nature as an Angel

Weaknesses: Angel Blades, Holy Fire

Feats: This:


Well, when you torture an angel, it screams…

DEAN types “Nebraska News, Hastings” into a search engine.


...and that kind of pain, it creates a ripple effect of strange incidents. Where's Sam?


Sam's gone. It's all right. We'll, uh, find Alfie ourselves.

The headline on the “Lincoln Globe” website on the laptop reads “Tornados, Strong Winds Cause Damage Across Nebraska.”


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