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Sailor Galaxia is one of the main antagonists in the final arc of the manga and anime. She is well known amongst the Galaxy for wrecking havoc and ruining worlds in her quest to obtain the strongest Senshi Crystal. She is the most powerful Sailor Senshi in the galaxy and the ruler of Shadow Galactica. She is known as the Soldier of Solitude and Destruction.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C | Low 2-C

Name: Sailor Galaxia, Galaxia, Soldier of Solitude and Destruction

Origin: Sailor Moon

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown. Likely hundreds of years old at least.

Classification: Humanoid alien, Sailor Senshi, Leader of Shadow Galactica

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Forcefield Creation, Energy Manipulation, Energy Projection, Transformation, Immortality (Types 1 and 8; as long as her Sailor Crystal is not destroyed or modified, she will always come back to life), Magic, Essence Manipulation (Manipulation of the totality of one's Being; Energy, Matter, Mind, Soul and Spirit), Can destroy star seeds and all the above, bypassing durability, reducing them to nothingness, and reconstruct beings to be loyal to her will, Dream Manipulation (Can attack on the mental plane in dreams), Clairvoyance (Can see distant events in the past and can hear thoughts thousands of miles away), Can walk through magic barriers easily, Enhanced Senses, Telepathy, Electricity Manipulation, Can survive in the void of outer space, Teleportation (Can also teleport with others and through dimensions), Stealth Mastery, Power Bestowal (Can bestow/channel powers into her subjects), Space-Time Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Reincarnation/Revitalization (With Sailor Crystal), Telekinesis, Aura, Can impose the concept of destruction

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Galaxia's initial power was stronger than all of Sailor Moon's enemies) | Universe level+ (Galaxia was able to counter Sailor Moon's strongest attack). Is able to ignore durability and destroy an enemy by manipulating their essence.

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Is considerably Faster than sailor moon having spread an attack in the universe and superior to normal senshi) | Infinite (keep up with Eternal Sailor moon)

Lifting Strength: At least Stellar, likely much higher (Comparable to Sailor Moon, who moved a planet with the mass of a black hole) | Unknown (Stronger than Eternal Sailor Moon)

Striking Strength: Universal+ | Universal+ (Can counter Sailor Moon's strongest attack)

Durability: Universe level+ | Universe level+ (Could survive within Chaos' grasp)

Stamina: Unknown. Likely Very High (Galaxia was able to perform very powerful attacks, likely comparable to Sailor Moon)

Range: Universal+ | Universal+

Standard Equipment: Galactica Bracelets, The Sapphire Crystal (Her Sailor Crystal, and the Ultimate Force of Destruction), energy whip, sword (anime only)

Intelligence: Very Skilled and Experienced Warrior and General. Firm grasp of Tactics and Strategy. Has Hidden Wisdom that surprised even Sailor Cosmos.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Point: By pointing her finger Galaxia can rip out the Star Seed (Essence) of a person, reducing the rest of them to nothingness. Using their Star Seed Galaxia can recreate them as loyal subjects of hers. This attack is unblockable and destroys a person's energy/spirit, body, mind, and soul. It can work on multiple targets at once.
  • Galactica Inflation: Galaxia seems to expand her local space-time, creating crackling dark lightning around her. This attack perfectly equaled and countered an attack from Eternal Sailor Moon that one-shot the Powered-Up Eternal Guardian and Outer Senshi.
  • Galactica Super String: Galaxia generates a powerful wave of cosmic energy from her body. She attempted to knock Sailor Moon into the Galaxy Cauldron with it. The attack is mainted for a shorter amount of time then Galactica Inflation, but is more potent in terms of energy.
  • Henshin: Has access to her civilian form as well.
  • Bracelets: Sailor Galaxia could fire blasts from her bracelets that would remove a person's Star Seed; thus destroying them entirely.
  • Whip: Sailor Galaxia once used a glowing golden whip to strike down Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.
  • Sword: Sailor Galaxia possessed a sword which strongly resembled the Fuuin no Ken.

Key: Galaxia | Sailor Galaxia



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