Aiolos Render Episode G

Aiolos alongside his Cloth

Much like you, I too have a god who comforts my heart. I am one of the Gold Saints who protect the Goddess Athena. I am Sagittarius Aiolos! I wish to uphold peace on Earth. And for that, I risk my life in combat, much like you. It matters not if the fire of my life is to fade away, for my Cosmos shall remain eternal on Earth... I believe in the creation of peace.
~ Sagittarius Aiolos


"To the young men who here arrived, I entrust Athena to your care."
— Sagittarius Aiolos' dying will

Sagittarius Aiolos (射手座サジタリアスのアイオロス, Sajitariasu no Aiorosu) is the Gold Saint of the Sagittarius Constellation, and the older brother of Leo Aiolia. Alongside Gemini Saga, Aiolos was a senior of his fellow Gold Saints, donning his armor while the others were still only small children. In contrast to his younger sibling who had an aggressive, fiery and passionate self, Aiolos was calm and collected, yet warm and gentle to those around him, but above all he held undying loyalty to Athena.

Aiolos possessed all the qualities of an ideal Saint: Strength, courage, wisdom and complete selflessness, and alongside Saga he was loved and revered as a Saint above all others. During those times Aiolos fought against numerous great opponents, such as the armies of the Sun God Ra, the giant Typhon, and the Egyptian deity Apophis, with his great victories over his every foe leading to him being considered the most powerful of the Gold Saints. Due to all of this, he was selected by Shion to be his successor as the Pope of the Sanctuary.

However, when Gemini Saga became corrupted by evil, overthrowing the old Shion and attempting to assassinate the newborn Athena, Aiolos unflinchingly renounced all his glory. He rescued the baby goddess and fled the Sanctuary, being declared a traitor and sentenced to death. He was confronted by Capricorn Shura, who had been ordered to slay him, and though his strength was inferior Aiolos' kindness made him incapable of attacking his fellow Saint. He was mortally wounded by Shura's Excalibur, and died soon after escaping the Sanctuary and bestowing Athena to Mitsumasa Kido. However, his Cosmos remained on Earth even after death, and throughout the following years his spirit would aid both his younger brother Aiolia, and his successor Seiya numerous times.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-B, likely higher

Name: Sagittarius Aiolos

Origin: Saint Seiya

Gender: Male

Age: 14 at Death, 27-31 if he were alive

Classification: Human, Gold Saint of Sagittarius, Saint of Athena

Powers and Abilities: 7th and 8th Sense User, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses, Regeneration (High), Matter Manipulation (Atomic-level creation, manipulation, destruction and restoration), Energy Manipulation, Light Manipulation, Lightning Manipulation, Heat Manipulation (Can surpass the temperature of the sun's core), Soul Manipulation, Resurrection, Healing, Flight / Levitation, Teleportation, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Reactive Evolution (Can comprehend an enemy attack's components, identify its weaknesses and fully adapt to it after seeing it once), Can kill souls, Existence Erasure (Can destroy the very origin of life's flow, completely erasing the opponent on a physical and spiritual level), Acausality, Has complete control over his soul with 8th Sense, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Soul Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Illusions, Dream Manipulation, Life Manipulation and Death Manipulation, Space-Time Manipulation, Existence Erasure.

Attack Potency: At least Multi-Galaxy level, likely higher (Stated as being the strongest Gold Saint by Aries Mu, Capricorn Shura and Virgo Shaka. Said to be the strongest Gold Saint by the narration four times over two consecutive pages. Has been stated to have strength superior to Saga's. His power is superior to that of the Sun God Ra, knocked sealed Typhon back into slumber with one attack, channeled Atum's light and killed the God of Chaos Apophis with one arrow)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (As the greatest of the Gold Saints of his generation, he should be comparable to, if not superior to his fellow Gold Saints, such as Virgo Shaka and Gemini Saga)

Lifting Strength: Multi-Stellar (Should be comparable to Taurus Aldebaran)

Striking Strength: At least Multi-Galactic, likely higher (Is the strongest of the Gold Saints, including Gemini Saga)

Durability: At least Multi-Galaxy level, likely higher (Is the strongest among the Gold Saints, including Gemini Saga, and briefly survived being wounded by Shura's Excalibur)

Stamina: Nearly limitless (Gold Saints can fight for 1000 days)

Range: Intergalactic, Universal / Cross-Dimensional with his abilities

Standard Equipment: Sagittarius Gold Cloth, Sagittarius Arrow

Intelligence: As the greatest among the Gold Saints of his generation, Aiolos is undoubtedly a genius in combat. A master of hand-to-hand combat and archery, he taught his younger brother Aiolia, the Leo Saint and an incredible warrior in his own right, all that he knew. His prowess is such that he was trusted to even take on gods such as the Sun God Ra, a warrior god who lived for thousands of years, virtually single-handedly. He was also noted to be incredibly wise, understanding and perceptive, having been selected by Shion to be his successor as the Pope of the Sanctuary. As part of his training, Aiolos has learned how to analyze his foes techniques to ensure that a single attack would only be able to work once against him. His time in Sanctuary has also given him great knowledge of mythology and astrology, granting him a degree of foresight by reading the movements and alignments of the stars.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

  • Sagittarius Golden Arrow: Much like the Libra Saints who can carry the 12 Libra Weapons, and the Capricorn Saints who wield Excalibur, the Sagittarius Gold Saint is allowed to use a weapon in combat, in his case a bow and arrow. Aiolos draws his bow, concentrating and burning his cosmos around the arrow which glows with a golden aura, and upon firing flies towards its target as a beam of light. At full power the Sagittarius Arrow can harm even the gods.
  • Atomic Thunderbolt: An anime-exclusive technique. Aiolos charges a great quantity of cosmos over his right fist, and upon thrusting releasing an array of hundreds of lightning attacks.
  • Lightning Bolt: A technique he taught to Leo Aiolia. Aiolos focuses his cosmos on his fist, and upon punching at faster-than-light speeds splits the air open, creating a perfect vacuum. As he unleashes his fist, a potent wave of cosmos is fired towards the opponent.
  • Lightning Plasma: Another technique he taught to Leo Aiolia. Aiolos focuses a great quantity of his Cosmos around his fist, and upon punching releases a volley of over 1,000,000,000 faster-than-light lightning attacks at the opponent during the span of 1 seecond.
  • Infinity Break: Saggitarius Aiolos' most powerful attack. Burning his Cosmos to its limit, Aiolos waves his hands and releases millions upon millions of Arrows of Light, which seek and destroy their targets. Upon contact, the "origin of life's flow" is disrupted, and the opponent is wiped from existence completely, both their body body and soul being completely erased. With this attack, Aiolos single-handedly eradicated the Sun God Ra's entire army.



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