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Summary of the Verse

SMITE is a is a 3D, third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios. What differs SMITE from other MOBAs such as League of Legends, though, is it's perspective and gameplay style. While most MOBAs have an isometric, top-down view, Smite is a third-person game, taking more inspiration from Hack n' Slash Action than Real-Time Strategy. This generates a faster and far more intense play-style that emphasizes player skill, fast thinking and aiming, rather than pure cold strategy. Another differentiation is that while other MOBAs such as League and DOTA feature a cast of fictional characters from it's own fantasy setting, SMITE's champions are all deities and creatures from various world religions and mythologies.

In SMITE, a war has began between the many pantheons of Earth. The Olympians of Greece and Rome; and Norse Gods of Asgard; The Egyptian Deities; The Transcendent Gods of Hinduism and their Incarnations; The Pantheon of the Mayans; The Gods of ancient, Imperial China and the Kami of Ancient Japan are in a war that shall shook the entire world, and transform many Pantheons into Myth.

Outside of the game itself, SMITE also possesses an Official Magazine that occasionally contains written short stories, and a Comic Book Series by Darkhorse.

Power of the Verse

SMITE, while appearing fairly unimpressive in it's gameplay and Cinematic Trailers, is an incredibly powerful verse once one digs deeper. In their Lore, plenty of Gods depict feats that go from Mountain, through Small Country to Continental levels, with plenty of it's higher level gods depicting Moon, through Planetary to Star level powers.

It is also worthy notable that the various heads of Pantheons, such as Zeus, Ra, Odin and Amaterasu, are written as being equal to one another, and some of them have feats that warrant a Multi-Solar System level. Above them are Primordial Deities, written as rather equal to each other, with some having depicted Galaxy level feats.

Finally, there are the creator deities, which are described as having formed / crafted / weaved the whole of existence, which would warrant them ratings from the Universal to the Universal+. However, the Official SMITE Magazine in one of it's storylines confirms the existence of countless timelines, with the character of Chronos being narrated as being the same in all of the numerous timelines having shaped creation before said numerous universes even existed, making SMITE a verse that comfortably sits in the Multiverse Tier.

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Supporters and Opponents of the Verse


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The Greek Pantheon:

Zeus, God of the Skies

Poseidon, God of the Seas

Hades, King of the Underworld

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

Ares, God of War

Apollo, God of Music

Artemis, Goddess of the Hunt

Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty

Nemesis, Goddess of Revenge

Thanatos, Hand of Death

Scylla, Horror of the Deep

Arachne, The Weaver

Medusa, The Gorgon

Chiron, The Great Teacher

Chronos, Keeper of Time

The Roman Pantheon:

Hercules, Champion of Rome

Bellona, Goddess of War

Mercury, Messenger of the Gods

Vulcan, Smith of the Gods

Bacchus, God of Wine

Cupid, God of Love

Sylvanus, Keeper of the Wild

Janus, God of Portals and Transitions

Nox, Goddess of the Night

Terra, The Earth Mother

Nike, Goddess of Victory

The Egyptian Pantheon:

Ra, Sun God

Khepri, Bringer of the Dawn

Geb, God of the Earth

Osiris, Broken God of the Afterlife

Isis, Goddess of Magic

Anubis, God of the Dead

Bastet, Goddess of Cats

Serqet, Goddess of Venom

Sobek, God of the Nile

Anhur, Slayer of Enemies

Thoth, Arbiter of the Damned

Neith, Weaver of Fate

The Mayan Pantheon:

Kukulkan, Serpent of the Nine Winds

Cabrakan, Destroyer of Mountains

Hun Batz, The Howler Monkey God

Ah Muzen Cab, God of Bees

Ah Phuch, Horrific God of Decay

Xbalanque, Hidden Jaguar Sun

Awilix, Goddess of the Moon

Chaac, God of Rain

Camazotz, Deadly God of Bats

The Hindu Pantheon:

Kali, Goddess of Destruction

Rama, Seventh Avatar of Vishnu

Vamana, Fifth Avatar of Vishnu

Ganesha, God of Success

Ravana, The Demon King of Lanka

Kumbhakarna, The Sleeping Giant

Bakasura, The Great Devourer

Agni, God of Fire

The Norse Pantheon:

Odin, The Allfather

Thor, God of Thunder

Loki, The Trickster God

Freya, Queen of the Valkyries

Tyr, The Lawgiver

Hel, Goddess of the Underworld

Ullr, The Glorious One

Ratatoskr, The Sly Messenger

Skadi, Goddess of Winter

Sol, Goddess of the Sun

Fenrir, The Unbound

Ymir, Father of the Frost Giants

Fafnir, Lord of Glittering Gold

The Chinese Pantheon:

Nu Wa, Guardian of Heaven

Hou Yi, Defender of the Earth

Chang'e, Faerie of the Moon

Ao Kuang, Dragon King of Eastern Seas

Sun Wukong, The Monkey King

Ne Zha, The Third Lotus Prince

He Bo, God of the Yellow River

Zhong Kui, The Demon Queller

Guan Yu, Saint of War

Xing Tian, The Relentless

Erlang Shen, The Illustrious Sage

Daji, The Nine-Tailed Fox

The Japanese Pantheon:

Amaterasu, The Shining Light

Raijin, Master of Thunder

Susano, God of the Summer Storm

Izanami, Matron of the Dead

Kuzenbo, King Kappa

The Celtic Pantheon:

The Morrigan, Phantom Queen

Cernunnos, The Horned God

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