SCP-662 is a small silver hand bell, 4 cm tall and 2 cm in circumference. The bell is missing its ringer. Within the inside of the bell, an inscription has been etched into the silver, reading: “Forever Mine – S.J.W.” The bell is susceptible to damage; however, given its safe nature, destruction has been deemed unnecessary. As it is made of very pure silver, it requires regular polishing to remain without tarnish.

When the bell is shaken as if to ring it, a soft chime can be heard (although this does not come from the bell). A short well-dressed Caucasian butler of self-proclaimed British heritage, calling himself Mr. Deeds, will appear from the nearest area not within line of sight, usually from around a corner. Mr. Deeds will address the ringer of the bell by their appropriate title and last name, and ask what it is they desire. His knowledge of individuals’ last names and titles is a mystery, as he himself will purport. Most reasonable requests given to Mr. Deeds will result in satisfaction. However, there are limits to what he can do. He is unable to produce very complex items such as sports cars, luxury homes, or personal jets. If he is allowed to leave line of sight and return, he is able to produce smaller, less complex items such as a ham sandwich, a glass of iced tea, or even more luxurious items like caviar or a brick of gold. Mr. Deeds will also perform menial tasks, such as washing vehicles, preparing food, and cleaning bathrooms. If a request is deemed unreasonable or impossible by the butler, he will kindly tell the ringer so, and offer an alternative if one may be had.

The butler is not immune to ill actions taken against him while in sight. He has been killed or injured in multiple tests, and will remain either dead or injured until he is out of sight. Upon return with a ring of the bell, all previous injuries will have vanished and he will be groomed and well dressed in his uniform, and ready for the next order. All attempts to catch Mr. Deeds "disappearing" have failed, as equipment will either fail or he will find a suitable unobserved spot.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, 8-C with prep time

Name: SCP-662, Butler's Hand Bell, Mr. Deeds

Origin: SCP Foundation

Gender: Male

Age: 200

Classification: Safe

Powers and Abilities: Teleportation, Regeneration (At least High-Mid), Can disable technology from a distance even if he is unaware that it is there

Attack Potency: Street level (Casually killed a D-Class Personnel), Building level with weapons and prep time (Capable of temporarily incapacitating SCP-682)

Speed: Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Regular Human

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Street level. Regeneration makes him hard to kill (Was cut in half and disappeared, and when he was summoned again he was completely uninjured).

Stamina: Very High (Endured being tortured for 22 hours straight)

Range: Standard melee range, Several meters with weapons

Standard Equipment: Silver summoning bell

Intelligence: Unknown (Has no knowledge of how his origins or how his powers work, but somehow has extensive knowledge of whoever summons him)


  • Cannot be summoned or disappear if he is being observed
  • Destroying the bell may destroy him
  • Cannot perform actions that would otherwise be impossible, Cannot produce extremely rare or overly complex objects


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