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SCP-498 appears to be a Koway Brand RT-800 electronic alarm clock with yellow LED display, set to the U.S. Central Time Zone. When heard by a subject, the alarm has been seen to induce a state of increased alertness until reset. This effect prevents restful sleep in SCP-498's vicinity, although micro-naps are possible. Other than the "snooze" button and the display, none of the other functions on the device appear operational.

Notably, the device continues to display time and require resetting even while not connected to a power source. Attempts to dismantle SCP-498 have not been successful in preventing it from activating, nor have they determined how it operates without an obvious power source. Every 11 minutes, the clock's alarm goes off, gradually increasing in volume. Testing reveals that the starting alarm plays at 30dB, increasing 4dB every 10 seconds the snooze button is not pressed. There has been no evidence that this process will ever stop.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C normally, 9-C or 9-B after 420 seconds, potentially 3-A after 2942.5 seconds

Name: SCP-498, "11 Minute Snooze"

Origin: SCP Foundation

Age: Unknown

Classification: Anomalous Alarm Clock, SCP-Object

Wielders: None

Powers and Abilities: Sound Manipulation, possibly indestructible

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level normally (Starts off at 30 decibels), After 420 seconds it reaches Street level or Wall level (At 200 Db any regular human near it will die, can cause structural damage and minor seismic activity), potentially Universe level after 2942.5 seconds (According to this website, 1100 decibels is enough to create a black hole larger than the observable universe)

Speed: Immobile (Cannot move, due to being an inanimate object)

Durability: Unknown (Any attempt to destroy it has been unsuccessful), possibly Universe level (If it were able to withstand the 1100-decibel force unleashed in the process of creating its own black hole)

Range: Varies with the amount of time that has passed, A few meters at minimum range, likely Universal at maximum

Weaknesses: Pressing the 'Snooze' button resets the sound

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