SCP-239 - Witch Child
I'm not gonna become a god. I'm just… me.


SCP-239 appears to be an 8-year-old girl, 1 meter in height and 20 kilograms in weight. Subject has shoulder-length blond hair. Upon closer inspection, the subject's eyes "shimmer" a gray-green shade. Subject seems to emit a previously undiscovered form of radiation. These waves seem to be harmless in low concentrations but in higher concentrations they could break down matter on a subatomic level.

SCP-239 seemingly has the ability to do whatever she expresses a will to do. Put simply, the subject can do anything that she truly wants to do on a basal psychological level as long as she is conscious. Fortunately, she only seems to be able to affect herself and her immediate surroundings; therefore, "If she can see it, she can change it." It would not be the most prudent course of action, however, to try to test how powerful she can be. She seems to be able to create and affect living matter; for example, when a D-class personnel accidentally caused her harm, she simply wished him away. Fortunately, when the subject was made to feel guilty for what she had done, she wished him back. SCP-239's self-preservation instinct makes her virtually invincible while she is conscious. Subject's skin can not be punctured by anything except SCP-148.

As a method of controlling the subject's ability, she has been told that she is a witch. This, besides improving morale greatly, makes her believe that she is unable to use her abilities outside of a pre-approved list of "spells" given to her by the SCP Foundation. This will hopefully prevent any and all attempted escapes. However, the subject is to be kept calm at all times to prevent any subconscious wish of harm to herself or others.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown | Low 2-C

Name: SCP-239, "The Witch Child", Sigurrós Stefánsdóttir, The Star-Eyed Child, The Woman With Stars In Her Eyes

Origin: SCP Foundation

Gender: Female

Age: 8 | Irrelevent (Exists in a place where time has no meaning and an endless amount of eternities can pass in an instant)

Classification: Keter Class Anomalous Humanoid

Powers and Abilities: Immortality (Types 1 and 3), Regeneration (Mid-Godly), Enhanced Senses (Can perceive higher-dimensional beings to near perfection with "Spirit-Sight"), Radiation Manipulation, Can break down matter on a subatomic level, Reality Warping, Invulnerability (Via Reality Warping), Energy Projection, Telekinesis, Flight (Via Telekinesis), Teleportation, Healing, Conceptual Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Life Manipulation, Death Manipulation, Existence Erasure (This works up to beings that are nonexistent), Time Manipulation, Time Travel, Spatial Manipulation, Can create Ways to other places and higher dimensions, Dream Manipulation, Can create an astral projection of herself should she be rendered unconscious, Biological Manipulation, Body Control, Shapeshifting, Creation, Law Manipulation, Resistance to Mind Manipulation and Soul Manipulation (Resisted attacks from the Neverwere, which can attack on the mental, physical, and spiritual planes simultaneously, and overpowered it in a mental battle)

Attack Potency: Unknown due to the nature of her powers (Implied that she can do anything that she wishes, Erased a person, as well as all memories and traces of that person, from existence, accidentally blew up the hospital she was born in, can kill anyone or anything just by pointing at a picture of them and wanting them to die, brought the world back into existence after it was erased by a Neverwere) | Universe level+ (Received training from SCP-343, casually recreated the universe)

Speed: Below Average Human, Potentially much higher | Infinite (Able to move in a void where time had long since become nonexistent)

Lifting Strength: Below Average Human, Potentially much higher | Unknown

Striking Strength: Class BH, Potentially much higher | Universal+

Durability: Below Average, Potentially much higher, Reality Warping makes her extremely hard to kill (Her skin is impenetrable by normal means and it is implied that she cannot die unless she wants to or she is rendered unconscious) | Universe level+ (Survived the complete destruction of the universe)

Stamina: Average | Limitless

Range: Standard melee range, At least planetary with reality warping, possibly higher | Universal+

Standard Equipment: A "Spell Book" (Though she doesn't always carry it nor does she require it to use her powers) | None notable

Intelligence: High (Despite usually acting like an 8-year old child, SCP-239 is actually extremely skilled with her powers, being able to best a Neverwere in both a battle of reality-bending and mental power, Determined a method of making a Neverwere real, which by all laws of the universe is impossible) | Omniscient (Has complete knowledge of everything there is to know, everything it is impossible to know, and everything that has never and will never exist to be known)

Weaknesses: Can sometimes be Naïve, Anomalous materials such as SCP-148, which specifically blocks high-level extrasensory abilities, can nullify her powers | None notable

Key: Base | Full Potential


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