SCP-1968 appears in its inactive state to be a bronze torus of unknown composition. It has a major diameter of 320cm and a minor diameter of 90cm. It is marked with raised features or glyphs, the presumption being that they act as control surfaces. It is difficult to photograph or visually inspect the artifact as it appears to bend light. Mild, fluctuating gravitational effects have also been observed.

It has proven impossible to take a sample of the artifact. Spectrographic attempts have proven inconclusive. Although not particularly heavy (weighing ~14Kg), inertial and angular momentum studies suggest that neutronium (in vanishingly small quantities) may be present in the body of the mechanism.

SCP-1968 demonstrates its anomalous properties when it is handled by a human being. When moderate force is applied to it, it will begin to deform in unpredictable ways, its material composition will appear to change, and it will become animated, surrounding the subject in convolutions and undulating increasingly faster. Its primary effect will manifest itself when an unpredictable threshold is met, after which the artifact will return to its original state.

At this point, the subject will have had their memories altered. They will no longer agree with the historical record, often profoundly. Their self-reported personal history will be at odds with Foundation personnel records. As a consequence, they will often assume a posture of agitation and paranoia. The more pronounced the deformation of the artifact, the more divergent their memories will be. It is theorized that the glyphs, via means as of yet unknown, control the degree of deformation and its resultant effects.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 2-C

Name: SCP-1968

Origin: SCP Foundation

Age: ~31 Millions years old

Classification: Keter/Thaumiel Class Anomalous Object

Wielders: SCP Foundation

Powers and Abilities: Light Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Causality Manipulation, Matter Manipulation (Can change its own material composition, as well as slightly alter the magnetic moment of the neutron in affected matter, upsetting the electromagnetic balance of the nucleus, and causing it to fission spontaneously), possibly Summoning (Capable of disgorging a non-human entity from itself)

Attack Potency: Universe level+ (Capable of altering the entire universe as well as the past, Could potentially be used to avert a CK-class reality-ending scenario, albeit at the cost of irrevocably and unpredictably altering the past, Could potentially be used to avert VK, XK, ZK, or Dedekind-uu class events as well)

Speed: Unknown, its effect is Immeasurable (Able to affect the entire universe instantaneously, with the method by which this occurs happening too fast to measure even in theory)

Durability: Possibly Universe level+ (It was suggested that 1968 could be used to avert a imminent CK-class reality-ending scenario)

Range: Universal+

Weaknesses: None Notable