SCP-053 appears to be a small 3-year-old girl. She is capable of basic speech and appears to be slightly above average in mental development. She has a generally pleasant personality and rarely seems upset, becoming agitated only in the presence of groups of people.

Any and all humans over the age of three who make eye contact with, physically touch, or remain around SCP-053 for longer than 10 minutes will rapidly become irrational, paranoid, and homicidal. Most, if not all, of these feelings will be directed at SCP-053, and afflicted subjects will attempt to kill SCP-053 after first killing or driving off all humans visible to them. Those attempting to kill SCP-053 will suffer massive heart attacks or seizures and die seconds after doing any physical damage to SCP-053. SCP-053 will regenerate almost instantaneously from any wound, regardless of severity.

SCP-053 appears wholly ignorant of these effects, and ignores any and all subjects affected. When questioned about the effect, SCP-053 is incapable of response.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C

Name: SCP-053, "Young Girl", Abby

Origin: SCP Foundation

Gender: Female

Age: 3

Classification: Euclid Class Anomalous Humanoid, Child of the Fifth Scarlet Bride, Quarseta-ql-Paneu

Powers and Abilities: Involuntary death inducement, Regeneration (Mid-Low, likely higher), Will make anyone near her extremely violent towards her

Attack Potency: Below Average level (The same as a 3 year old girl)

Speed: Sub-Human

Lifting Strength: Below Average

Striking Strength: Below Average Class

Durability: Below Average level, Regeneration makes her hard to kill

Stamina: Presumably low

Range: Several meters

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Slightly above average for her age

Weaknesses: Is physically only a 3 year old girl


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