Portion of SCP-001's interior.


SCP-001 designates the source of all anomalous artifacts classified as Keter. Documentation for personnel with clearance under Level 5 are to refer to these objects by their SCP-XXX(X) documentation.

SCP-001 is a facility thats interior comprises of significantly more area than this region in which it is located contains. The exterior appears to be a large, nondescript research facility. Attempts to document SCP-001's outer appearance in detail has resulted in conflicting and contradictory results. Attempts to map the interior have yielded contradictory floor-plans. SCP-001's interior space is roughly equivalent to an office or military complex, with enough space and facilities to support 450 people.

There are 329 SCP-001-K instances currently known to exist.

SCP-001-K designates any anomalous object which has originated from SCP-001. All instances of SCP-001-K were present at the discovery of SCP-001, although some have since been lost. Each SCP-001-K instance is kept in place by another entity, with the anomalous properties of each separate object neutralizing the effect of the other.

When any containment cycles for instances of SCP-001-K are broken, the containment chamber will be affected by a reality warping anomaly. Interior spaces will begin to operate under a new set of physical laws, which conform to the properties of the newly uncontained SCP-001-K instances. These areas are hostile to human life and will begin to aggressively expand if other SCP-001-K containment breaches occur. Currently, no containment breaches have occurred since 09/18/1999.

SCP-001 was originally documented by American mercenaries serving in Greece following the Second World War. Once the anomalous properties became apparent, several organizations claimed control over the area, but the group was able to prevent SCP-001 from falling into outside control. Control over SCP-001 was voluntarily turned over to the Foundation in 1949. Data from this period of SCP-001's containment has not been recovered to date, due to the breach of several SCP-001-K instances rendering large portions of SCP-001 impossible to enter.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown, Low 2-C upon destruction

Name: SCP-001, "Keter Duty"

Origin: SCP Foundation

Age: At least 71

Classification: Thaumiel Class Anomalous Entity

Wielders: SCP Foundation

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Much larger on the inside than structurally possible from the outside, Physics Manipulation

Attack Potency: Unknown, Universe level+ upon destruction (Should SCP-001 be destroyed, it would cause a VK-Class reality restructuring event, which would alter everything within the universe as known to be operating under non-anomalous physical laws)

Speed: Below Average Human (Immobile as it is a building)

Durability: Unknown

Range: Unknown, At least Universal+ upon destruction

Weaknesses: None notable