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The Mighty Dragon God, Ryuujin appears as an old samurai wielding a katana. His duty is to protect the Earth from Kaguya and other evil threats. After surviving his tasks, Yaiba is allowed to take his power, the Ryujin Orb. It is also revealed that a thousand years earlier he defeated Kaguya and Gekko. After Kaguya's second defeat, he goes away with the Orb. He reappears during the Orochi Arc to stop Onimaru, and in order to protect Yaiba he's hit by Dark's Delta Zone, and he managed to drag the Darkness Demon with him as he's sent to another dimension.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A. Likely 5-B at his peak | Unknown

Name: Ryuujin, Dragon God

Origin: Yaiba

Gender: Male

Age: At least 1000 years old

Classification: God, Guardian of Earth

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Energy Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation (Water, Fire, Ice), Shapeshifting, Size Manipulation, BFR, Forcefield creation | Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight, Energy Manipulation  

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Bested Dragon Maiden Kaguya 1000 years ago). Likely Planet level at his peak (Given that Yaiba, who inherited his Dragon Orb, could have destroyed Earth if Kaguya did not take the attack to herself) | Unknown (Fought toe to toe with Dark, who inflicted serious injuries on Yaiba before he fully mastered the Haou-ken. However, as Yaiba's durability is extremely inconsistent, it is nearly impossible to ascertain the power of characters whose destructive feats only scale from Yaiba's durability)

Speed: Unknown. Possibly Massively Hypersonic via scaling

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: Unknown (Has never tanked an attack in the series on-panel except for Dark’s hax attack, which ignores durability)

Stamina: Godlike

Range: Extended melee range with swords, hundreds of meters with energy blasts

Intelligence: Thousands of years of battle experience

Weaknesses: None notable, although he does age and he can not use his powers to the fullest extent at old age (which is the whole reason he let Yaiba inherit his powers instead of stopping Kaguya himself) 

Standard Equipment: His katana and the Ryuujin Orb

Key: Prime (1000 years ago) | Final appearance


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