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Ryūichi Sumeragi (皇樹 龍一 Sumeragi Ryūichi) is the second protagonist of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase

Ryūichi is an old friend of Reiji. Like the latter, Ryūichi is also an orphan who lost his parents in the war; however, he was adopted by another war survivor and traveled with him around the world before returning to Tsukuyomi-jima at the beginning of the story.

Ryūichi reunited with Reiji, who was also a transfer student, upon returning, the two of them coincidentally transferred into the same class at the same time. He is later revealed to be another participant of Ragnarök who already had his power awakened.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B to 5-A

Name: Sumeragi Ryuichi, Thor

Origin: Fortissimo

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Classification: Magi

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 3), Martial Arts, Energy Manipulation (Energy Absorption, Energy Blast), Electricity Manipulation, Limited-Probability manipulation via Nothung

Attack Potency: Planet level with Thorhammer (Could easily destroy the planet), Large Planet level with Thorhammer Fullaccess (It's nine Thorhammers combined in one attack)

Speed: At least Supersonic+ (Vastly superior to Momiji or Nagisa), FTL reaction speed (Can react to Ayane's strings) Speed of Light movement speed via Turbulence

Lifting Strength: Unknown, at least Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least Planet Class to Large Planet Class

Durability: Large Planet level (Tanked a direct hit from Reiji's Fenriswolf though his magical weapon broke)

Stamina: Very High, Much higher in Turbulence Mode

Range: A dozen of meters

Standard Equipment:

  • Járngreipr (雷光を打ち砕くもの yarungureipuru): A steel gauntlet warping around Ryūichi's right arm. Ryūichi can combine this gauntlet with his martial art skills to dispatch the enemy, but such is not its usage. The true purpose of the gauntlet is to access the nine worlds by linking them side by side with his magical rune 'Nothung'. When Ryūichi reaches his Second Access form, he wears another Járngreipr on his left arm, replacing his Mjöllnir. This Járngreipr is able to accumulate magical power, similar to his Mjöllnir, using its green orb embedded on it.
  • Mjöllnir (ミョルニル myoruniru): A black glove worn on Ryūichi's left hand that accumulates magical power. It is able to absorb mana from other mahoutsukai for his own uses.
  • Megingjörð (メギンギョルズ megingyoruzu): A red bandana that converts the magical power gathered by Mjöllnir into lightning. The lightning can then be used as energy for his attacks.

Notable Attack/Techniques:

Turbulence (疾風迅雷(タービュランス) tābyuransu; English for "Turbulence", Japanese for "Gale Thunderclap"): The bandana generates magical power and chains it into the gauntlet, increasing its offense power. When a large amount of power is utilized, Ryūichi's eyes turn green and his hair turns blond. In this powered mode, he basically becomes lightning, being able to see and move at light speed. In contrast with Sayuki's Rune, his lightning speed movement does not waste extra energy.
Thorhammer (総てを射抜く雷光(トールハンマー) tōruhanmā; English for "Thor's Hammer", Japanese for "The Lightning that Pierces All"): This is one of Ryūichi's offense Runes. When he concentrates an excessive amount of energy into his gauntlet while in powered mode, the gauntlet can form a very powerful lightning spear which can devastate most enemy upon contact.

Nothung (九つの世界 (ノートウング) nōtoungu; English for "Nine Worlds"): Ryūichi calls upon the power of the nine worlds, creating nine lightning spears. He is able to achieve absolute victory by choosing the possibility of his opponent failing to dodge his last resort.

Thorhammer Fullaccess (総てを超越せし九つの雷光 (トールハンマー・フルアクセス) tōruhanmā furuakusesu; English for "Thor's Hammer: Full Access", Japanese for "The Nine-Chance Lightning That Transcends All"): Ryūichi's Last Resort is his only offense Runes beside Thorhammer. Ryūichi increases the number of spears to nine and throws all of them at his opponent. If the attack connects, Ryūichi will use Nothung to pass the spears into different possibilities, including one where his opponent failed to block/evade the attack. Odin claims that this is the ultimate attack to realize ideals while accepting reality. However, the attack consumes a tremendous amount of magical power and is only lethal if Ryūichi can realize the possibility where he will win. In Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo, Ryuichi has trained himself to the point where he can use Thorhammer Fullaccess more than once. This is shown during his 'duel' with Reiji in the prologue where Reiji managed to counterattack his first Thorhammer Fullaccess. Ryuichi calls upon Nothung a second time and defeats Reiji with his second Thorhammer Fullaccess.

Asgard Wolf (神をも射抜く拳狼の雷槍 (アスガルド・ヴォルフ) asugarudo worufu; English for "Asgardian Wolf", Japanese for "The Wolf Fist Lightning Spear That Pierces God"): Combining Reiji's Fenriswolf and Ryūichi's Thorhammer, the duo is able to create a blast attack that can defeat Odin in a single strike. When the blast touches Odin or his Magic, Reiji uses Da Capo to restore it to the state of 24 hours earlier while Ryūichi uses Nothung to pass Da Capo onto different possibilities. The combined efforts create a bridge for Da Capo to restore Odin's magic to as far as 16 years ago, the time when he was not immortal, thus defeating him.

Weaknesses: If his Magical Weapon is destroyed, he'll die instantly.


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