Rose's Sword


Rose's Sword is a weapon hand-crafted by Bismuth that formerly belonged to Rose Quartz. It is typically stored inside its scabbard in the pocket dimension of Lion's mane, although now it is currently in Connie Maheswaran's possession.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Varies

Name: Rose Quartz's Sword

Origin: Steven Universe

Age: Over 5000 years old

Classification: Sword

Wielders: Rose Quartz, Steven, Connie

Powers and Abilities: A high quality and extremely durable but otherwise ordinary sword, Attack Reflection (Able to reflect projectiles), Durability Negation (Only on Gems) Resistance to fire, ice, and electricity

Attack Potency: Varies (The sword itself has no set power and is dependent on the power of the wielder), The weapon ignores durability against Gems

Durability: Large Country level (Shows no signs of damage even though it was used by Rose for most of the Gem Rebellion and has been used to clash against Gems who are comparable to herself)

Range: Extended melee range

Weaknesses: None notable