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They pit us mammals against each other with elections, sports and anime message boards. We spend so much time fighting over dubs or subs that we miss the big picture.
~ Ronaldo


Ronaldo Fryman is a supporting character in Steven Universe. He is a young man obsessed with the paranormal and documents his findings on his blog "Keep Beach City Weird". Ronaldo is a relatively minor character who has only had a few major appearances. Perhaps his most notable appearance was in "Keep Beach City Weird", where Steven tries to help Ronaldo uncover the truth of the "Sneeple" who he believes rule the Earth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Ronaldo Fryman, "Ronnie", Loch Ness Bloggster

Origin: Steven Universe

Gender: Male

Age: Around 16

Classification: Human, Conspiracy Theorist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, some degree of Detectives Intuition

Attack Potency: Wall level (A surprisingly fit person all things considered and overpowered Lars with ease. Knocked down a door with Sadie and should be comparable to her)

Speed: Normal Human

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human (Was able to drag away a piece of the Gem Warship on his own)

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (Took Garnet smashing a Barrel on his head without much issue. Was only mildly inconvenienced by a refrigerator falling on him)

Stamina: Above average (Once worked for 36 hours straight to produce a web documentary about the Crystal Gems)

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Above Average (While no genius, Ronaldo does have a critical mind that has been able to find patterns and subtle clues which may or may not actually exist outside of his head. Ronaldo also seems to posses some basic knowledge of hand-to-hand combat, but is likely not very proficient in it)

Weaknesses: Not a particularly skilled fighter, Can be very overconfident


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