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Roblox is an MMOG building game developed by David Baszucki. The game is very similar to the likes of Minecraft, albeit allowing the players to freely script and build places. People also have the choice to join and play other places as they wish. Players take form of a character known as a ROBLOXian, which serves as the entity that the player can control in almost every game on the site.


  • Stud: The unit of measurement within the game, measures one foot and two inches total (14 inches, 35.56 centimeters). The reasoning behind this is stated on this blog.

Power of this verse

This verse is far more powerful and haxxier than it appears, even excluding feats gathered from the (non-official) player-created games. Using catalog gear, Robloxians can rotate the Earth very casually with certain weapons that they can easily endure hits from, and are capable of moving at speeds comparable to that of the charging particles from the Katana of the Ninth Moon, which moves at 1.23 times the speed of light. Adding onto that, the Robloxian has over 2,000 different catalog gears in his/her arsenal - some of which include chests that can remove everything the nearby opponent is holding by levitating the items towards the user, a sword that shoots homing fire projectiles that steal the souls of hit enemies, an axe that - upon hitting something - causes them to explode internally, another sword capable of removing flight abilities from flying opponents, and much, much more.

Due to new catalog gear being added (alongside the large quantity of gear that already exists), the verse is bound to receive upgrades and changes.

Note: Feats/entities from player-created games are not allowed on this wiki, as they are not made by the developers of the game itself. Non-official content belongs on this page.








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