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Robloxis an MMOG building game developed by David Baszucki. The game is very similar to the likes of Minecraft, albeit allowing the players to freely script and build places. People also have the choice to join and play other places as they wish. Players take form of a character known as a ROBLOXian, which serves as the entity that the player can control in almost every game on the site.


  • Stud: The unit of measurement within the game, measures one foot and two inches total (14 inches, 35.56 centimeters). The reasoning behind this is stated on this blog.
  • Walkspeed: Measurement used for speed. One point of walkspeed is equivalent to 21.4375 meters/second, this is explained in further detail on this blog. Walkspeed is not allowed to be used in kinetic energy calculations, but is allowed to be used to calculate the speed of characters.

(Ignore the stat calculations regarding the tiering for the Robloxian in the blogs, as they are severely outdated.)

Power of this verse

This verse is far more powerful and haxxier than it appears, even without feats gathered from the (non-official) player-created games. With catalog gear, Robloxians have City level feats through either violently fragmenting or pulverizing 2048 x 2048 x 2048 stud blocks with the Lincoln's Golden Railsplitter and the Skull Cane respectively. Catalog gear has various hax such as Soul Manipulation, Power Nullification, Existence Erasure, BFR, and several others that are not listed. Summoned minions, such as bald eagles, can fire lasers stronger than most of the Robloxian's weaponry, can attack intangible entities, and have resistance to petrification/soul manipulation.

Due to new catalog gear being added (alongside the large quantity of gear that already exists), the verse is bound to receive constant upgrades and changes.

Note: Feats/entities from player-created games are not allowed on this wiki, as they are not made by the developers of the game itself. Non-official content belongs on this page.













Telamonster, the Chaos Edge

Crescendo, the Soul Stealer

Delete hammer

Dagger of Shattered Dimensions


Korblox Skeleton Wraith

Bald Eagle

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