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Robert Haydn is a frightening person with an equally frightening power.

He can boost his own natural sacred treasures by modifying them to a perfect ideal like absolute accuracy or ideal protection. The fault in this is that for every time he creates an ideal, he loses a year of his life, but once he creates this ideal he can use it any time he wants to. His abilities can't be used on living things, however, but his changes change as his ideals change, such as turning his Kurogane rapid-fire and/or unblockable.

His level 2 power allows him to change gravity, and he can also make soap bubbles that can reverse gravity as well.That is also why the reason he forms Robert's Ten. They act as his brawn, doing the fighting for him in order to save those precious years.

He is a fairly nasty character, not caring who he harms and how badly they are harmed. Like Ueki, he is a celestial with more power than the gift given by his King of the Celestial World Candidate.But unlike Ueki, however, Robert has been training in his power for quite a long time.

Robert has an unfortunate past in which he was treated as a monster by the people of his town. After being betrayed by his friends, he starts to hate humanity and destroys the entire village where he lived (1/3 in the manga) and gets eaten by Hanon (but later Hanon spits him out in order to get Ueki to vanish). At the end of the series, he becomes a nice person like his childhood self, having been touched by Ueki and his friends about relationships.

Power and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C

Name: Robert Haydn

Origin: Law of Ueki

Gender: Male

Age: 13

Classification: Neo Celestial

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery, Limited Reality Warping, Limited Gravity Manipulation

Attack Potency: At least Town Level (Easily overpowered Kousuke Ueki's sacred weapons with his own)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ via power-scaling (Should be faster than Kousuke), with FTL reactions (Taro Myojin stated that he cannot defeat Robert)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Town level (Got back up ready to keep fighting after getting hit by Kousuke's pick)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: A several hundred meters with the Kurogane and Maoh

Standard Equipment: His sacred weapons

Intelligence: Shown to be able to manipulate people to get what he wants.

Weaknesses: He loses a year of his life for every fight he gets into. His level 1 power can't be used on living things. Can't change gravity unless his weapons or bubbles make contact with the target.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • The Power to turn Ideals into Reality: Robert can take his ideals and make them come true. By combining it with his sacred weapons many possibilities are born. Such as a Kurogane always hitting its mark, or penetrating anything, to having his mash follow the opponent anywhere. It can even be applied to simple things like a cup of tea so that it never spills or breaks.
  • The Power to change the gravity of anything I touch: Robert can manipulate the gravity of anything caught by his soap bubbles or weapons. With blue they become lighter, and with red they become heavier. He can even use the leftover pieces of one of his destroyed sacred weapons if they get on someone.
  • Sacred Weapons: Like Ueki, Robert's sacred weapons are augmented by his power to turn ideals into reality. From the beginning, he chose to make his weapons the strongest out of all celestials.
  • The First Star Sacred Weapon Kurogane: Gained through consciousness/realization of the fact that the user is a heavenly being. It is a large cannon grown out from the user's arm that fires a large ball at the opponent. Robert can make his Kurogane always hit it's target or penetrate absolutely anything.
  • The Second Star Sacred Weapon Fudou/Hood: Gained through perseverance. It is a giant gauntlet grown out of the ground to protect the user from attacks, but it can also be used offensively by striking at enemies.
  • The Third Star Sacred Weapon Ranma: Appears as an overly huge sword that forms around the user's arm, and serves as a means to slice, slash, or overall, damage an opponent with piercing power.
  • The Fourth Star Sacred Weapon Masshu/Mash: It appears to be a big box that seems to have come alive. It mainly pops up out of the ground and bites or smashes into its target. It can also be used as a sort of shield to chomp any projectiles launched at the user. Robert can make his mash follow the opponent anywhere devouring them from below and burying them underground.
  • The Fifth Star Sacred Weapon Ressen/Pick: Emerges from the hands of the user. However unlike other celestials that summon a column of boxes for blunt force damage, Robert's pick manifests in the form of a drill.
  • The Sixth Star Sacred Weapon Raika: Appears as a pair of roller blades that allows the user extreme speed to skate around the area, which may confuse the enemy and make them miss. They are, as most jingi's are however, heavy and cannot be lifted.
  • The Seventh Star Sacred Weapon Galiper/Guliver: Creates a grid throughout the floor and traps any target that cannot escape impossibly fast enough. It triggers within half a second and creates a box-like trap that instantly shuts the enemy tight within it.
  • The Eighth Star Sacred Weapon Namihana: It is, at most, a long whip used to lash out any enemy in the field or swat away any obstacles. It can also be used like a rope to provide a sort of vine.
  • The Ninth Star Sacred Weapon Seiku: Grows wings to the users back, enabling flight to midair. They can be combined with heavenly powers to increase its speed. They don't seem to have any pattern or signs that show what power is infused with it. The only thing that varies within all Seiku's are the color of the wings.
  • The Tenth Star Sacred Weapon Maoh/Archenemy: The most powerful weapon. They are powered by the thoughts, desires, and will of the user. The form appears as what the user's desire is, as somewhat of a reflection. The total power of one Maoh may be strong if the will is strong, or weak if they have abandoned all thought's of their desire. Though the power of Maoh is incredibly powerful, the user is limited to 6 shots and can no longer use anymore Maoh's after that.


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