Robert Garcia is a practitioner of Kyokugenryu Karate, he first appeared as the deuteragonist in Art of Fighting and currently appears in the King of Fighters video game series. He's the vice president of the Garcia Foundation, the son of the owner of the cooperation, and Ryo's best friend, who aided him in his search for her sister after she was kidnapped. Despite his cocky attitude and playboy nature, he still has a good heart. He developed romantic feelings for Yuri and would often propose to her or offer her luxurious gifts, much to Takuma's dismay. He's known as The Raging Tiger.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Low 7-B

Name: Robert Garcia

Origin: Art of Fighting/King of Fighters

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Classification: Martial Artist, Business Man

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Martial Arts, Chi Manipulation

Attack Potency: Small City level (Comparable to most fighters and often fights on par with Ryo)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Via powerscaling)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Small City Class

Durability: Small City level

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range; tens of meters with chi attacks.

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Skilled combatant.

Weaknesses: Overconfident and cocky

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Ryuu-Geki Ken: Robert throws a shoulder height energy projectile at the opponent.
  • Ryuuga: Robert performs a fiery rising punch.
  • Hienshippukyaku: Robert leaps forward into the air to perform a spinning kick onto his opponent.
  • Hien Ryuujin Kyaku: Robert performs a downward angled flying fiery kick in the air, towards the opponent
  • Gen-ei Kyaku: Robert performs a volley of rapid kicks.
  • Ryuuren: Robert breaks the opponent's defense with a knee jab and follows up with Gen-ei Kyaku.
  • Ryuuko Ranbu: Robert dashes towards his opponent and unleashes a combo of punches and kicks, finishing with either an uppercut after tucking in his vest or a flying kick.
  • Haou Shoukou Ken: Robert gathers energy in his palms and shoots a large chi blast.
  • Hien Shippuu Ryuujin Kyaku: Robert attacks the opponent with a flaming downward kick. If it hits, he drags them across the ground and finishes them off with a flip.
  • Mu-Ei Senpuu Ryuu Zanshou: Robert launches the opponent in the air with a kick, attacks them with multiple kicks while in the air, then finishes with a flip kick.


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