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Kill as much as you want! Have fun!
~ Ridley


Ridley is a high-ranking Space pirate, the archenemy of Samus Aran, and one of the most commonly recurring characters in the Metroid series, appearing in every Metroid game except for Metroid II: Return of Samus, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, and Metroid Prime Hunters.

Ridley is known for being very defiant and persistent; though Samus has defeated him on many occasions, he always manages to return and do battle with her, either through his healing abilities or robotic enhancements. As such, Ridley is fittingly referred to as the Cunning God of Death in his Zero Mission official art. Ridley is considered the main antagonist of the series, despite not typically acting as such in any individual games. Credit to Metroid Database for the image.

Meta-Ridley is a form in which Ridley, through cybernetic enhancements, becomes nearly completely mechanic after being burned alive in the events of Zero Mission (Manga). Originally, he was supposed to help guard the Space Pirate Base in both Tallon IV and the station above it, til Samus destroyed it at least. With his newfound power, he proved to be a tough contender to even Phazon Suit Samus. In this form, he would later engage in combat again against Samus Aran on Norion, with notably more flesh. After that defeat, he became the Guardian of the Leviathan on the Space Pirate Homeworld, Omega Ridley. The phazon seemingly healed large portions of his body, as shown by the significantly more amount of flesh on him.

After the end of the Phazee, he had appeared once more as Proteus Ridley on SR-388, likely to take any surviving Metroids to Zebes. Despite being quite literally reduced to particles, he would have had enough phazon to regenerate and this time having little cybernetic enhancement. Ultimately, he would be defeated once again, but proved to have gotten much strong due to the previous exposure to phazon, and regenerated to the point that he no longer needed any enhancements, leading to his ultimate battle with Samus Aran on Zebes.

...Until, he got cloned in Other M and later infected in Metroid Fusion.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C | At least 5-B | Unknown | At least 5-B | 5-B

Name: Ridley

Origin: Metroid

Gender: Male

Age: Probably 50´s or his 60´s (When he met Samus he was already an adult, older than Samus)

Classification: Pteranodon/dragon-like alien life-form | Mechanically Enhanced alien life-form | Leviathan Core Guardian | X Parasite Life Form

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Projection, Large Size (Type 0), Flight, Extendable tail, Regeneration (Mid), Temporary Invulnerability, Transformation | Energy Projection and Enhanced Senses | Phazon Manipulation, Invulnerability, Statistics Amplification, Regeneration (Likely High) | Same as his first form, but as Proteus Ridley he has minor Earth Manipulation and Afterimage Creation | Shapeshifting, Can corrupt through release of X-Parasites, Size Manipulation

Attack Potency: Island level (Created an explosion comparable to the size of a Plateau on Zebes' 960x gravity) | At least Planet level (Damaged Samus Aran with the Phazon Suit) | Unknown (Damaged Samus when she was in Hyper mode, can bypass conventional durability via Phazon, at this stage of Samus' corruption she had likely already surpassed her Light Suit greatly) | At least Planet level (Fought on par with Samus in her Gravity Suit, after losing the Phazon in his veins he still possessed a large amount of power, Similar to the Phazon-enhanced creatures like the Parasite Queen who don't actually have Phazon in their veins anymore) | Planet level (Fought against Gravity Fusion Suit Samus and put up quite the fight)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Able to easily get the drop on Samus) | Massively FTL+ (Via outracing Samus' ship which has been calced to be at a mid-end of 10,000,000c and for fighting Samus who can tag Ridley in flight) | Massively FTL+ (Should be much faster than before) | Massively FTL+ (Managed to tag Post-Zero Mission Gravity Suit in Super Metroid and Samus Returns, flew from SR388 to Ceres space station in under 1 hour and managed to sneak in without being detacted, flew from the same space station to Zebes while carrying the baby Metroid and outracing Samus' Gunship in the process) | Massively FTL+ (Fought Gravity Fusion Suit Samus)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 50

Striking Strength: Island Class (Damaged Samus in her suit) | At least Planet Class (Hurt Samus after her Phazon suit upgrade) | Unknown (One of the very few enemies able to hurt Hyper mode Samus, Can bypass conventional durability via Phazon) | At least Planet Class (Damaged Gravity Suit Samus in Super Metroid and Samus Returns) | Planet Class (Managed to fight against Gravity Fusion Suit Samus)

Durability: Island level (Has survived horrible beatings from Samus as well as the explosion of his entire fleet), Unknown with Regeneration (Regenerated from a blast that took out the entire Space Pirate and Human forces on K-2L) | At least Planet level (Took numerous attacks from a Phazon Suit Samus) | Unknown (Took hits from Hyper mode Samus) | At least Planet level (Tanked hits from Samus Aran in her Gravity Suit) | Planet level (Survived hits from Samus in her Gravity Fusion Suit)

Stamina: Very high (Had the stamina to devour Samus' mother after being burned to a crisp, was mechanized after burnt to a crisp once again in the Metroid manga, was once again able to come back from being blown to particles in Metroid Prime 3)

Range: Generally hundreds of meters, can increase to even more with the Meson Bomb Launcher

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Genius (Showed the ability to talk in the manga, commands the Space Pirate armies in the time Mother Brain was being repaired, built a colossal mecha of himself on the space pirate mothership during a time that most of the Space Pirate technology was nowhere near that of the mecha)

Weaknesses: Originally overconfident, but seemingly after his defeat time and time again, he seems to no longer have that issue.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Flame breath: A standard fireball attack, notably can be sent with varying trajectory with each blast.
  • Kinetic Breath Weapon: A superior attack that replaced the Flame breath, it was made with the augmentations caused by the creation of Meta Ridley, this version fires a blast in a straight line and can be charged.
  • Augmented Kinetic Breath: Now enhanced with Phazon, Omega Ridley can use a superior version of the Plasma Breath.
  • Phazon Blast Using Phazon rather than fire, this weapon is much like his Flame breath, only notably, coming from his tail.
  • Ultra-Thermal Flame Strike Projector: By slamming the ground, Meta Ridley can project a shockwave that is notable for its knockback and range.
  • Phazon Orb Cage: Similar to his Projector as Meta Ridley, now as Omega Ridley he creates a cage-like a pattern using Phazon orbs.
  • Meson Bomb Launcher: In flight, Ridley can drop meson bombs from a distance keeping himself out of the range of his enemies.
  • Multi-Missile System: Fires several seeking missiles at his enemies, similar to the Seeker Missiles of Luminoth descent.
  • Charge Slash: Can increase his already dangerous striking power with charging an attack to enhance his strength.
  • Phazon Slash: Using a Phazon Blade addition to Omega Ridley's armor, he can strike his enemies using Phazon as a melee weapon.
  • Afterimage: When Ridley attacks, he can produce an afterimage that somehow also deals damage.

Key: Base Ridley | Meta Ridley | Omega Ridley | Post-Corruption Ridley & Proteus Ridley | Neo Ridley



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