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Anat and Set, it is good that you dwell in both of my arms! Astarte, wish me well so that the earth will be soaked in the blood of my battles after my glorious victory! I who am Horus and Ra will give happiness to the world when I get another life, from here on! O’ my beloved Nefertari, you will bless the call of Ozymandias as Hathor!
~ Ozymandias invoking the gods of Egypt


Rider (ライダー, Raidā) is the Rider-class Servant of Shizuri Isemi during the First Tokyo Holy Grail War. He also appears in the sixth Singularity, Camelot. His true name is Ramesses II (ラムセス二世, Ramusesu Nisei), the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth Dynasty of Egypt, and the greatest hero of Egypt. He is more popularly known as Ozymandias (オジマンディアス, Ojimandiasu), and he refers to himself as the King of Kings (王の中の王, Ō no Naka no Ō). Not just the child of Ra, but also one of his incarnations, he is a God-King possessing many of Egypt's gods within his own body. He loved and was loved by the people, and Egypt was prosperous under his reign, leaving behind many giant, enduring constructions. He was the king who befriended Moses and obstructed the Exodus of the Israelites.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B. At least 7-A with Sphinxes, higher with Mesektet and the Sphinx Wehem-Mesut | At least 6-B, likely higher with the Dendera Light Bulb, higher with pyramid attack

Name: Rider. Ramesses II / Meryamen / Ozymandias, the King of Kings

Origin: Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Blue and Silver

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Classification: Rider-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, Pharaoh, Demigod, Incarnation of Ra

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, can gain new skills, modify his body and boost his parameters with Imperial Privilege, can "ride" any vehicle or mount with supernatural skill, Minor Mind Manipulation with Charisma, can knock out magi and normal humans with a glance, Flight with Mesektet, Light Manipulation with Mesektet and Dendera Light Bulb (Fires beams of light that can easily kill Servants), Energy Projection and Fire Manipulation with Sphinxes, Summoning (Can summon Sphinxes at a moment's notice), Pocket Reality Manipulation with Ramesseum Tentyris (Summons his complex of pyramids and temples, building it on top of the World), Curse Manipulation with Ramesseum Tentyris (Possesses numerous divine curses that can be direct towards anyone within his complex), Poison Manipulation (Those who invade Ramesseum Tentyris are cursed with a divine poison that kills normal beings within two seconds and weakens and damages Servants, even those resistant to poisons), Power Nullification (Ramesseum Tentyris seals the use of Noble Phantasms), Telekinesis (Can fire Ramesseum Tentyris' pyramids as projectiles), Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their magical energy), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Immunity to conventional weapons, Resistance to Magic (Including effects such as Petrification, Spatial Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants possess regenerative capabilities), Immortality (Type 8 while in Ramesseum Tentyris; as long as the complex and Ozymandias still stands, the Guardian Beasts and Ozymandias himself will just be resurrected if killed)

Attack Potency: At least City level (While he is weaker than dedicated warriors like Arthur and Arash, he should still be somewhat comparable to other Servants, such as Archer). At least Mountain level with Sphinxes (Can summon Sphinxes that are Divine Beasts, making them superior to Pegasus, and one of them was said to be strong enough to take on three Servants, it would have killed Arthur if he didn't possess a supernatural ability in slaying beasts), higher with Mesektet (An A+ Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that can casually burn Tokyo to cinders in a matter of hours, easily destroyed Paracelsus' Bounded Field, which can repel Servants) and the Sphinx Wehem-Mesut (The King of his Sphinxes, and the strongest). | At least Country level, likely higher with the Dendera Light Bulb (It's powerful enough to instantly vaporize Tokyo with power equivalent to a solar flare, which release 10^20 joules per second on average, and it easily overpowered Excalibur Proto. Excalibur Proto needed to be used in conjunction with Stella, which was boosted by three Command Spells, to overpower it, and it could possibly even match Excalibur Proto with over half its restraints released. Destroyed the Lion King's barrier when using his Saint Graph to power it), higher with pyramid attack (Broke through the Lion King's barrier, which could withstand multiple blasts from the Dendera Light Bulb).

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Should be comparable to other Servants).

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: At least City Class. At least Mountain Class with Sphinxes, higher with the Sphinx Wehem-Mesut

Durability: At least City level. At least Mountain level with Sphinxes (One of his Sphinxes fought on par with Arthur) and Ramesseum Tentyris (The walls of his main temple can deflect average Anti-Army Noble Phantasms). At least Country level with Dendera Light Bulb (The base of the temple complex is reinforced according to the magical energy taken from the Great Light Bulb, allowing it to withstand blasts from the Lion King's Rhongomyniad)

Stamina: Very high. Other Servants can fight for nearly an entire day without stopping. Ozymandias can maintain his entire temple complex even after his Master's death, and he fought a artillery war against the Lion King.

Range: Standard melee range. Several Hundreds of Meters with Mesektet (Can easily scorch large sections of Tokyo). | Kilometers (The Dendera Light Bulb is comparable to Excalibur Proto and can instantly vaporize all of Tokyo).

Standard Equipment: His staff, and his Noble Phantasms, Mesektet and Ramesseum Tentyris.

Intelligence: As the King of Kings and Egypt's Greatest Pharaoh, Ozymandias is a highly competent and skilled general, warrior and politician, having lead Egypt into its Golden Age under his rule. However much like the King of Heroes he's incredibly arrogant and prefers to get his way, loudly announcing his true name and expecting others to prostrate themselves in his mere presence. Unlike the King of Heroes however, he takes his duties as a king very seriously and seeks to lead the world into a new Golden Age under his leadership as Egypt once did. In addition he has a deep understanding of magecraft, calling Misaya's familiars the work of an amateur even though she is considered a genius in the modern era before casually knocking her out with a glance into the eyes of her familiars. While he finds battles entertaining, he plays to win, utilizing his Noble Phantasms tactically to destroy his enemies, such as when he sent a Sphinx to kill Arthur immediately after the latter challenges him to a duel, or when he destroyed Paracelsus bounded field to ambush and kill Hyde with Mesektet. During the Camelot singularity, Ozymandias waged war against the Lion King and the Knights of the Round table, and managed to destroy her barrier when forced to utilize his last resort attack after realizing that the Dendera Light Bulb would not be enough. Due to his absurdly powerful Noble Phantasms and these traits, Ozymandias is considered the single strongest Servant of the First Tokyo Holy Grail War that only a highly coordinated siege of multiple Servants could defeat.

Weaknesses: Ozymandias is quite arrogant and prone to long-winded speeches. He is not a warrior himself, but he can still hold his own in combat.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

Mesektet: The Solar Ship of the Dark Night: The boat that carried the Sun God Ra through the sky. As one of his incarnations, Ozymandias possesses it as a Noble Phantasm, utilizing it as a flying ship. It radiates a powerful magical light referred to as Uraeus, "the serpent that slaughters serpents", the embodiment of the might of the sun. It moves at incredible speeds, and Ozymandias can summon just parts of it if he wishes. It fires beams of light that are powerful enough to easily kill most Servants, given time it can even burn all of Tokyo to cinders.


The Sphinx Wehem-Mesut

The Sphinx of Abu el-Hol: The Lion-Bodied Beast of the Hot Sand: An A-rank Anti-Army Noble Phantasm that allows Ozymandias to summon Sphinxes, Divine Beasts of great class, to his aid. Due to being manifestations of fire and wind, the Sphinxes are able to cover themselves with flames that are hot enough to instantly melt most objects they come into contact with. They can also adjust the temperature of their claws through their own magical power to increase their cutting power, and their roars can cause a tornado of flames.

  • Sphinx Wehem-Mesut: The king of Ozymandias' Sphinxes, and the strongest. He calls it the "Cosmos Sphinx" due to its otherworldly appearance. It normally lies dormant in his temple complex.
  • The main temple of Ramesseum Tentyris
  • The Dendera Light Bulb charging
  • The Dendera Light Bulb blasts the Lion King's barrier
  • Ramesseum Tentyris crashing into the Lion King's barrier
  • Ramesseum Tentyris in Fate/Grand Order
I shall give you a reward, lightless one. Look on my works, ye Mighty, and bow down! My infinite brilliance. The sun descends here! Ramesseum Tentyris!
~ Ozymandias utilizing Ramesseum Tentyris

Ramesseum Tentyris: The Shining Great Temple Complex: The glory and might of Egypt's greatest pharaoh, Ramesses II, and of how he contains the gods within his body, embodied as a Noble Phantasm. It is similar to a Reality Marble, appearing as a giant complex that is so large it's impossible for it to normally exist in reality. It's made up of many temples, complexes and mausoleums, such as the Great Karnak Temple Complex, the Great Dendera Temple Complex, the Great Temples of Abu Simbel, and so on. They are all centered around the Ramesseum Temple Complex, which acts as its throne room. Ozymandias controls the entire complex from there on his throne, like the captain's chair on a starship. He also acts as the core, providing magical energy for the light bulb that powers the complex. He can empower certain areas of the complex by diverting more magical energy there, shutting down other areas. He can even convert his own Saint Graph into magical energy to provide further power.

Each and every temple contains numerous divine protections and curses associated with the deities enshrined in them, which Ozymandias is capable of directing towards any target within his domain. Although the full extent of the curses and protections are unknown. One of the known protections is given to himself and his Guardian Beasts which consists of a legion of Phantasmal Beasts and several other Divine Beasts. It's a divine blessing of immortality, that makes the destruction of Ramesseum Tentyris and Ozymandias a necessity to kill them. This immortality effect nullifies fatal wounds and grants them regeneration, allowing Ozymandias to survive and reattach his head after being decapitated by King Hassan.

One of the known divine curses, poisons any invaders, killing normal creatures within two seconds and weakening Servants by decreasing their parameters and sometimes their skills, as well. Even Arash, who is resistant to poisons, is weakened by this effect. Another curse prevents the Noble Phantasms of invaders from being released, though it can be neutralized with assistance, or by those with strong ties to Divine Spirits, such as Divinity or Noble Phantasms that were possessed by gods.

One of the most important functions of the temple is the Dendera Light Bulb, the "Great Light Bulb Amon Ra", a incredibly powerful Anti-Fortress attack and its primary form of attack. It acts as a long distance artillery, calling upon the might of the gods to unleash Ozymandias' Divine Judgement. It is said to be as powerful as a solar flare, and is powerful enough to instantly vaporize all of Tokyo or an entire naval fleet. Its power far surpasses the restrained Excalibur Proto, easily overpowering it, and it can be further empowered by shutting down most of the complex to provide power. As a last resort, Ozymandias can launch parts of Ramesseum Tentyris as projectiles with such force that they can break through the Lion King's barriers, which could withstand the Great Light Bulb Amon Ra .

Class Skills

Magic Resistance: An innate ability that grants protection against magical effects. Unlike the Resistance effect that merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Ozymandias' B-rank negates spells with a chant below three verses, making it difficult for even High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals to affect him.

Riding: The ability to ride mounts. Ozymandias' exceptional A+ rank allows him to ride any vehicle, creature, or beast masterfully, save for the Dragon Kind. With his high rank, Ozymandias can easily control Mesektet.

Personal Skills

Charisma: The natural talent to command an army, which increases the ability of allies during group battles. It is said that a rank of B in this skill is sufficient to lead a nation as its King, and few exemplify this better than Ozymandias, the King of Kings, and the greatest pharaoh of Egypt.

Divinity: The measure of one's Divine blood, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit, though it decreases if the user dislikes the gods. It allows Ozymandias to reduce "purge defense" in proportion to the rank of his Divinity, allowing him to break through defensive abilities such as Achilles' Andreias Amarantos. As pharaoh, Ozymandias is recognized as the son of the sun god, Ra, as well as one of his earthly incarnations.

Imperial Privilege: An ability that allows Ozymandias to gain skills that would normally be impossible for him to possess for a short amount of time. At A-rank, he can even modify his body to gain skills associated with the body, such as Divinity, though he already has it. He can also gain abilities such as swordsmanship, military tactics, and fine arts, among others. However, he cannot acquire skills without basis.

Protection from the Sun God: A skill Ozymandias possesses as the one who receives the Divine Protection of the Sun God Ra.

Key: Base | Ramesseum Tentyris



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