Rick & Morty is an animated science fiction dark comedy series that airs on Cartoon Networks Adult Swim. It features the zany and dark adventures of morally questionable Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty through time & space, as well as their relationship with their family back home. As of so far, three seasons have been released, with a fourth season airing in 2019.


In terms of scientific achievements, Rick & Morty is a very powerful, very hax setting. Rick has been shown and stated to be able to blow up planets, shrink people down to microbial size as well as grow people to the size of continents,travel between universes and timezones, mutate everyone on Earth and even create entire universes. There's an entire multiversal society of Ricks from every universe in the multiverse.

Other characters have also shown impressive powers, such as hiveminds capable of taking over entire planets, psychic parasites that affect the populations of entire planets, a race of giant heads that cause planet-wide earthquakes by their mere presence and much more.

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