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Richard Conway is a capable hacker, able to hack any terminal or laptop within a matter of seconds. Aside from his work, Conway uses his hacking skills to wipe records of him renting his apartment.

Conway is able to pounce upon people, preventing them from attacking him and allowing him to punch them. He is always able to knock out his victim in one punch.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: Richard Conway

Origin: Gunpoint

Classification: Human

Age: Young adult (20-30s)

Gender: Male

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human physical attributes, Expert at hacking, expert in infiltration, can use firearms, can jump very high with his special pants

Attack Potency: Street level (Can destroy windows by crashing into them, knocked out a man with one punch and even knocked down steel doors with a single kick)

Speed: Peak Human at base, Superhuman by jumping (Can cover 5 floors/16.5 meters in a second, so his speed is 16.5 meters per second)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Street Class (Can kick down steel doors, can knock out a man with a single punch)

Durability: Wall level against falling and concussive hits (Can survive a fall of 10 floors with no injuries), Street level against anything else

Stamina: Peak Human

Range: Standard melee range, a few yards with firearms

Standard Equipment: Crosslink (allows him to hack doors, switches, security cameras, alarms, guns), 'BULLFROG brand hypertrousers' jumping pants, a handgun

Intelligence: Above average (able to infiltrate a building filled with guards without being noticed)

Weaknesses: His pants can't protect him against any kind of injury that isn't blunt force trauma.


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