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Rias Gremory is the main female protagonist of High School DxD, and the heiress to the House of Gremory.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C | At least 6-C | At least 6-C, likely far higher with Extinguished Star | At least 6-C, likely higher, far higher with Extinguished Star | At least 6-C, likely higher, far higher with Extinguished Star

Name: Rias Gremory, "Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess", "Princess of Destruction", "Switch Princess"

Origin: High School DxD

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Classification: Pure-Blooded Devil, High-Class Devil, King, Member of DxD, Former President of the Occult Research Club

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Demonic Force Manipulation, Magic, Aura Binding, Longevity, Shapeshifting, Energy Projection, Teleportation, Healing, Energy Absorption, Flight, Lightning Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Mind Reading, Mind Control, Memory Manipulation, Illusion Creation, Barrier Creation, Summoning, Magnetic Ball Projection, Night Vision, Enhanced Sight and Hearing, Soul Manipulation (Devils formerly used to steal the souls of humans in exchange for granting their desires. The Power of Destruction damages the soul and consciousness of evil dragons), can disintegrate matter, can damage intangible / non-corporeal targets | All previous abilities enhanced, Statistics Amplification (Can continuously double her power until she reaches her limit), Defense Break (Can bypass any defense that impedes her from transmitting her attacks directly to her targets), can transfer her power to other people and objects | All previous abilities aside from the Boosted Gear, Time Stop, Darkness Manipulation, Shadow Manipulation, Teleportation (Can teleport between shadows)

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level (Comparable to Akeno) | At least Island level (Stated to have power comparable to that of an Ultimate Class Devil. Forced a previously casual Kokabiel to block her attack and still harmed him, although slightly) | At least Island level (Should at least be comparable to Akeno, defeated an injured and weakened Ultimate-class Devil on her own), likely far higher with Extinguished Star (Completely disintegrated most of Grendel's body and reduced Ladon to ashes; Issei stated that her ultimate move is almost comparable to Sirzechs' casual attack in his True Form) | At least Island level, likely higher (Far superior to her base form. She can also double her power until she reaches her limit.), far higher with Extinguished Star | At least Island level, likely higher (Significantly stronger than before, and was stated to be above the level of Satan-class existences. Fought on par with Fenrir at 80% of his full power), far higher with Extinguished Star

Speed: Unknown. High Hypersonic+ in later volumes (Comparable to Sona) | At least Massively Hypersonic, likely Sub-Relativistic (Stated to be comparable to Ultimate Class Devils) | At least Massively Hypersonic, likely Sub-Relativistic (Shouldn't be much slower than the likes of Xenovia and Irina) | At least Massively Hypersonic, likely at least Sub-Relativistic (Much faster than base) | At least Massively Hypersonic, likely at least Sub-Relativistic (Kept up with Fenrir)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Unknown

Durability: At least Large Building level | At least Island level | At least Island level | At least Island level, likely higher | At least Island level, likely higher

Stamina: High

Range: At least several meters | Hundreds of meters | Hundreds of meters | Hundreds of meters, likely higher

Standard Equipment: None Notable.

Intelligence: Very High (Creates strategies for her servants to undergo during battles)

Weaknesses: Holy objects (Common for all Devils). Extinguished Star takes some time to charge.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

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  • Power of Destruction (Horobi no Chikara): A type of demonic energy that allows her to release energies that can disintegrate matter, both living and inanimate, with relative ease. She is further able to control the shape and power of the technique such as creating multiple softball sized bullets to lessen the destructive force yet increase the range of her attack.
    • Extinguished Star (Ikusutinguisshu Sutā): Rias' ultimate one-hit kill technique created from the change in Rias's demonic power due to the influence of Issei's power. Rias manipulates her Power of Destruction into a compression of unimaginable amounts of demonic power; takes form of an enormous sphere with a mixture of crimson and black aura radiating from inside of it that lauches it toward her enemies in a slow velocity. It has the ability of a magnetic force; pulling the enemies towards it and get disintegrate by the latter. Its destructive power is stated to surpass the speed of the retiring system in the Rating Game. 
  • Demonic Power: Rias has all the common skills and powers of a Devil. She is also shown to be at least somewhat proficient in the use of spells, such as the ritual to drain energy from Issei's left hand to let it appear human again, healing, teleportation by magic circle, and others.
  • Oppai Beam: Rias has gained the ability to project a red light from her breasts, which recharges Issei's energy. Each use of this power causes her breasts to temporarily shrink in size, which makes Issei cry even though it's sometimes necessary. Her breast size will restore itself after a few days of rest.
  • Expert Tactician: Though outsmarted several times throughout the series, Rias has proven herself to be an excellent tactician and has saved her team along with others many times due to her profound intellect and her ability to handle unexpected difficulties calmly.
  • Flight: Being a Devil, Rias can fly using her wings.
  • Memory Alteration: Rias has shown that she has skills in memory alteration, using it on Issei's Parents.
  • Crimson Extinct Dragonar (Kurimuzon Ekusutinkuto Doragunā): A combination technique between Rias and Issei. Issei uses his Red Wyverns and they sync both of their auras and the Wyverns attach themselves to Rias to create her own female version of Issei’s Scale Mail. The armor acts just like Issei's, boosting Rias's abilities and giving her the ability to utilize Boost, Transfer, and Penetrate until she reaches her limit.
  • Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess: Rias achieves this form after Gasper submerges into his shadow and fuses with hers. She subsequently gains a third eye on her forehead, with which she can stop time at a whim. She also gains the ability to teleport between shadows, manipulate shadows, darkness, and likely all of Gasper's abilities.

Key: Base | Boosted | Post Volume 14 | Crimson Extinct Dragonar | Forbidden Invade Balor the Princess


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