Shenron Revives Krillin

Shenron and Porunga are frequently asked to use their wish-granting abilities to resurrect those who have been killed


Resurrection is the ability to revive oneself or others from the dead. This ability covers the resurrection of others by any means, whether it be by magic, reality warping, or other means.


  • Resuscitation: The ability to bring back oneself or others from the brink of death or recent death. This frequently requires the revived person to have their body mostly intact.
  • Resurrection: The ability to revive one from the dead, even if their bodies have suffered significant damage that would make it impossible for them to function, such as a crushed heart or destroyed brain.
  • Resurrection as Undead: The ability to revive oneself or others as undead beings such as zombies or ghosts.
  • Resurrection from Nothingness: The ability to bring someone back to life even after they've been erased from existence.
  • Self-Resurrection: The ability to revive oneself from death but not necessarily others.


  • Some users may not be able to revive themselves from the dead.
  • May require specific reagents, rituals, or other specialized means to perform the resurrection.
  • Resurrection may take a significant time, sometimes longer than can be useful under Standard Battle Assumptions.
  • Those reanimated by the user may die if the user dies.
  • There may be restrictions on who or what one is able to revive


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