Regular Class Material

Blood-Seeking Spear destroying the footing of a summoner


Regulation-class Materials are the manmade frameworks put together by summoners as stepping stones to reach the Divine-class. They are the Materials every summoner has to start a battle with. Once a summoner has summoned 100 Regulation-classes, they'll be able to start summoning Divine-classes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | At least 8-C | At least High 8-C

Name: Depends on the Material

Origin: The Unexplored Summon://Blood Sign

Gender: Depends

Age: Unknown

Classification: Material

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, invulnerability to conventional weapons and pure physical damage, capable of fighting spiritual beings like ghosts. Some Materials have individual abilities and supernatural powers, such as Flight, Darkness Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Curse Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Fungus Manipulation, various sensory attacks, Sound Manipulation, Age Manipulation; some of which ignore conventional durability

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Even the Original Series, the weakest Material can destroy a section of a large bridge with one strike and easily defeat Pilot Soldiers models that can tank barrages of 30mm machineguns and direct autocannon hits; another weak Regulation-class can pierce through several bridges) | At least Building level (A middle-cost Regulation-class is described as capable of slicing a mid-sized truck in two or crushing a patrol boat on their grasp, much stronger than weaker materials) | At least Large Building level (A high-cost Regulation-class is described as being able to tear open an aircraft carrier's flight deck like a tin can, much stronger than weaker Materials)

Speed: At least Superhuman (Even the Original Series, the weakest Materials, can defeat groups of Pilot Soldiers)

Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 (Even the Original Series, the weakest Materials, can flip over a military armored truck)

Striking Strength: At least Small Building Class | At least Building Class | At least Large Building Class

Durability: Small Building level (Can trade blows with other Materials of the same cost level) | At least Building level (Same reasoning) | At least Large Building level (Same reasoning)

Stamina: High

Range: Depends on the Material

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Materials are driven by their desires which can vary from Material to Material, but are usually violent and hostile towards anyone nearby. The vessel being possessed by them can guide those desires to aim the Material at the enemy

Weaknesses: They'll be automatically destroyed if the Silhouette inside their body containing the vessel's mind is destroyed, Materials can't overcome a sound range disadvantage unless there is a large difference in the cost levels of the two Materials (The minimum cost gap needed to overcome a disadvantage in sound range is of 10)

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Invulnerability: Materials freely defy the laws of physics and achieve results not even a large army could, and they cannot be harmed by conventional methods such as thermobaric warheads or laser bombardments. Normal weapons are useless once a summoning battle starts and summoners call in a Material, as they cannot harm a Material or a summoner defended by their protective circle. Thus, the only counter is for another summoner to step up and summon their own Material.

The following is a list of named Regulation-class Materials:

Name Cost Sound Range Description
Original Yellow (s) 1 High A three-meter, seven hundred liter mass of sticky liquid with the unnaturally yellow coloration of some sodas. Floating deep in the transparent slime there's a smooth one-meter humanoid Silhouette.
Original Green (k) 1 Middle A three-meter, seven hundred liter mass of a translucent green sticky liquid. The Silhouette holding the vessel is in its center. Despite being liquid, each of its strikes is as flexible as the human fist yet filled with an impact rivaling a car accident.
Original Red (b) 1 Low A three-meter, seven hundred liter mass of sticky unhealthy red liquid.
Demonic Corpse (wm) 2 Low No description given.
Ramming Fish (nh – cb) 4 Low A giant fish that swims freely through the dark night and has a single sword-like horn.
Feasting Flower (lvz – j) 4 High A man-eating flower that craws around with tentacle-like roots.
Armored Beast (dr – zx) 4 High A ferocious lion made of golden Western armor that violently mows down the enemy with its metal claws and fangs.
Devouring Wings (lvz – j) 5 Middle A giant stingray that has rows of human teeth.
Transforming Box (rum – te) 5 Middle No description given.
Dancing Hammer (kk – hdi) 5 High No description given.
Bound Armor (re – ia – dr) 6 Middle No description given.
Predatory Fire (lvz – wzb) 6 High A flying monster that looks like an enraged skull contained within a giant flame.
Celestial Blade (tix – a – wuh) 7 High A giant double-edged Western sword that slices through the air as it flies around on its own.
The Dead that Burns with a Curse (ov – ou – q – ye) 7 High A mass of flames unable to maintain a human form any longer that burns with the curse it created itself and constantly changes between 7 different colors. Whosoever is taken inside that mass producer of negative emotions will swell out from within until they burst.
Sharp Mermaid (nal – cba – pl) 8 Middle A human-sized mermaid with green eyes.
Blood-Seeking Spear (bih – ei – dp – tq) 9 Low A flying spear over five meters long.
Scorpion’s Tail in the Sandstorm (hu – ce – kk – di – a – x) 10 Low No description given.
Pure Sphere with Hidden Fangs (t – ei – ko – fb – ji) 10 Low No description given.
Leather Bag that Swallows and Digests (jkv – jkv – kmol – m) 11 Middle No description given.
DEC Tentacle (nu – o – re – a – btv – ag – y) 12 High A squid large enough to crush a patrol boat in its grasp, with yellow eyes and ten thick chains in place of tentacles. The chains are as thick and heavy as the anchor that held a super-heavy tanker in place. The squid can use them for a strike powerful enough to slice a midsized truck in two. The Silhouette is in the center of the squid's translucent belly.
Tree Hand (tzf – qux – o – alc – a – ge) 13 None A giant arm growing from the ground like a tree.
Jewel Flies that Draw out Dark Desire (iu – fc – ei – upm – np – sq) 13 Middle A storm of thousands and tens of thousands of flies, each of which is a beautiful and colorful jewel. That colorful monster’s light grasps and draws in its prey’s soul, brushing it aside will cover you with countless pathogens, and the victim is decorated with psychedelic mold.
Giant Hostile Eye (cuw – nu – o – qux – o – ag – du) 14 Low A five-meter sphere that seems to be made of balled-up barbed wire as thick as a human arm. In the center of the sphere, there's a red pupil that intently stares down its targets. A faint light flashes in the center of the barbed wire ball, which then expands in every direction as if it had exploded for a powerful attack. The sphere contracts and expands multiple times to repeat this attack.
Greedy Demon-Devouring Spider (nu – wm – ei – lvz – fc – o – zi) 14 High A brutal, three meter spider colored red and black. Rather than spinning a web for an indirect attack, it directly attacks its prey and injects digestive fluids with its fangs to melt the enemy Material from within.
Floating Blood-Craving Hammer (zn – bih – ei – xa – qux – hdi) 15 Low A giant floating hammer, just the head is taller than a person.
Long Red-Haired Journal that Drips with Hatred (ov – an – le – rx – n – a – b – er – ju) 15 Middle A giant floating book, the bizarre journal continually spits out long and sticky hair from between its pages. It is a predator that increases its page number by crushing its victims inside itself.
Wind-Consuming and Obstacle-Crushing Horse (va – ei – lvz – km – ei – ox – cec – uy) 18 High A rampaging horse as large as a train car. Its method of attack is simple: it simply charges straight ahead and levels anything in its path.
Ugly and Pitiful Insect Swollen with Tragedy that Eats into the Void (lu – ei – map – ab – ou – od – nu – mel – o – yi) 21 Middle A caterpillar larger than a car. Each time this incarnation of hunger wriggles and greedily moves its mouth, it eats into the scenery like it's biting into a leaf.
Glittering Steel Mantis Reaper 05 (vi – ou – quc – sn – a – rol – ei – yw – fv – li) 21 Middle A five meter mantis seemingly made of silver armor. This ultimate predator slices through everything with its scythes that glitter like laser blades, bits into it all, brings it to its mouth, and chews it apart.
The Serpent that Coils in a Spiral and Wholly Devours (gv – ou – jz – eu – ao – iu – ei – bf – lvz – yx) 21 High An already long snake that wraps its own body like a spring or coil to transform into an even thicker and stronger serpent. At the same time, each of its shiny scales are created from collections of tiny snakes. On the macro level, it grows larger and larger. On the micro level, it grows smaller and smaller. It's like throwing the human mind into a world of infinite opposing mirrors, or like a supercomputer hanging up as it tries to simulate out every last one of the explosive number of possible moves in a game of go. It swallows up the mind of any who see it, so they freeze in place and cannot avoid the next attack, guaranteeing a critical hit.
Witch Trapped in a Bewitching Flower who Spreads a Sweetly Putrid Stench (su – j – ou – ve – bo – xm – wg – ei – ig – ta – ux) 21 High The upper body of an alluring and evil woman sticks out from the center of a giant flower with countless thick vines wriggling around it. Each time she twists her body, a sweet smell lures in the enemy with a powerful attraction. Once the enemy is within the lethal range, the cruel monster’s vine spears will pierce their body and drain them of their nutrients.
Pitiable Doll Covered in Spikes of Hatred (jok – bf – ei – md – a – xov – wuz – r – mel – oq) 22 Middle A life-sized doll fully bound by chains and with countless metal spikes stabbing into it. It uses the power of blood to fire out the spikes so it can take as many people as possible along with it to the grave.
Bubbling Gears that Bring Aging and Reap Lifespans (nj – ou – ha – jv – a – lm – ei –t z – kr – no – xi – g) 22 Middle A collection of countless gears of varying size and one of the most inorganic Materials. This bizarre sadist sends the grinding sound of its interlocking gears slipping into the target’s ears, which causes them to rapidly age like some kind of curse.
Man-Eating Stuffed Animal Swollen with Innocent Darkness (mul – o – iu – ou – dhc – weq – ei – lvz – a – icg) 23 Low A giant shredded stuffed animal that has reddish darkness rather than cotton bursting from the ripped cloth. Instead of biting or tearing, it swallows its target into its belly and contaminates them.
Scorching Killer Smile in a Vortex of Purple Electricity (kub – miq – a – sx – wzb – mu – ou – vew – l – a – zfc) 24 High A neon bluish-purple light that appears directly in space itself and forms a giant smile over ten meters across. Anyone who touches it or even carelessly approaches will be fried.
Crimson Calamity of Countless Bestial Heads (nic – a – zx – a – c – ei – tf – b – qux – wzb – a – hatl) 24 High A hideous ball-like Material made from dozens of dragon and beast heads, each over a meter tall and with red eyes. Each mouth produces a shockwave-like roar that evenly crushes all foreign objects in its territory.
Shark King that Swims through the Ocean of the Void in a Vortex of Purple Electricity (kub – miq – sx – lu – a – hf – ei – tok – enl – a – vjz) 25 Middle A man-eating shark the size of a semi truck that swims freely through the air. Each time its razor-sharp teeth bit down, bluish-white sparks flow and the target is thoroughly shredded with extreme temperatures exceeding those of an arc wielder.
Sharp Shockwave Wings that Blow Away All that Oppose Them (du – vo – a – cuw – bf – ei – zix – nal – me – a – qi – a – fd) 26 Low A giant bizarre bird that has eight wings arranged in a circle like propellers. When it flaps those wings, shockwaves scatter through the entire surrounding area and the shockwaves focus in on a single point to crush the enemy like light gathered by a concave mirror.
SSC for Puppet #2000 (yi – a – ns – ou – wh – ia – iu – seb – e – hig – o – sd – c – li – dr – oq) 30 Low A 20m giant empty armor controlled by invisible threads attached across its body, with two red lights escaping from gaps in the armor like eyes. Despite being inorganic it gives off a bestial odor and tears its prey’s internal organs to shreds using sharp claw- and fang-like protrusions. It's simple yet effective, so “as long as it can get close”, it can tear open an aircraft carrier’s flight deck like a can.
King of Serpents with an Indestructible Body which Repeatedly Sheds Its Skin in Front of All Calamity (bf – hatl – ei – vo – ou – dv – eI – bc – Iu – jkv – a – jok – lv – nic – a – yx – vjz) 38 Low A giant red snake that one has to look up at even when it is coiled up.

Other unnamed Regulation-class materials have been summoned in the story: "a stuffed animal holding a bloody axe", "a giant stag beetle that's legs and pincers have been torn off by a mischievous child and who has wheels and razor blades attached in their place", "a massive gear that can roll around on its own", "a giant wolf with a metal jaw", "a giant serpent wrapped in flames", "a giant fish that tears through the sky", "a queen bee with a human face", "a giant umbrella with fangs covering the outer edge", "a goddess statue filled with murderous gimmicks", "a great serpent made of several chains", "an automaton created by sewing together human skin", "an old tome covered in countless eyeballs", "a gear with a giant smile plastered on the side", "a dinosaur not found in any encyclopedia", "a winged alligator", "a giant face made of stone", "a jellyfish giving off a putrid stench", "a giant suit of armor", "a burning metal ball", "a giant swollen eyeball", "countless wolves connected by the single shadow they share", "a giant rotting dog", "a man-eating plant with countless blades instead of petals that can launch steel seeds with the force of bullets" and "a beautiful Western doll with round and fat maggots wriggling in the cracks covering its body".

Key: Low-cost Material (1-10) | Middle-cost Material (11-20) | High-cost Material (21+)


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