Redeemer Hi-Rez


Designed as the Brotherhood of Nod's answer to the M.A.R.V., the Redeemer is a super-heavy quadrupedal walker.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A

Name: Redeemer

Origin: Command & Conquer

Gender: None

Age: Unknown

Classification: Super-heavy assault walker

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Empathic Manipulation

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (Many times more powerful than attacks capable of destroying buildings)

Speed: Superhuman (As fast as slower vehicles)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class

Durability: Town level (Can withstand nuclear weapons)

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: About 100 feet

Standard Equipment:

  • Tri-point Obelisk Laser: The Redeemer is equipped with three large lasers that sweeps over an area to incinerate foes. Is very precise.
  • Rage Generator: Causes all nearby enemies to feel anger and rage, often causing them to turn on each other.
  • Hard point garrisons: Up to two Nod infantry can garrison hard ports on the Redeemer so that they can fire out. The available troopers:
    • Militants, Confessor Cabal or Awakened: Small auto-cannons
    • Militant Rocket Squad: Missiles effective at countering vehicles and aircraft.
    • Saboteur: Can gradually repair Redeemer if it is damaged.
    • Black Hand Troopers: Flame throwers.
    • Tiberium Trooper: Sprays Tiberium. Tiberium is toxic and radioactive. This spray also becomes sticky and can slow a foe's movements.

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Vulnerable to EMP effects.

Feats: Its main feats are its incredible firepower and armor and causing foes to go berserk.


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