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Our real world can logically never truly intersect with fictional worlds. The fact that people have created a fiction in our view just means that they have created, for example, words and pictures. The authors have not created any new realities, they have not created intelligent and spiritual beings. They have just created stories within books, comics, games, TV, movies, or animation. We compare the fictional worlds from their points of view. And to them our world does not exist in any sense.

Author avatars, fourth walls, and any similar silliness are just part of the same fiction and nothing more. It is not our world, and it is not us. The intermingling of reality and fiction is generally pure nonsense, as is automatically placing the former in a higher tier of power through "real humans solo fiction" discussions.

However, within the constraints of fiction itself there can be any number of differences between fiction and reality, but this is not necessarily something particularly impressive by our standards. We still have to evaluate the characters by their respective feats and definitions. For example, Azathoth, The Law of Identity, and Featherine Augustus Aurora are able to look at beyond dimensional structures as mere fiction. This qualifies them as much higher tiers than, for example, Mister Mxyzptlk, who is strictly able to look at 3-Dimensional reality as mere fiction.

Author Avatars

Author avatars and significant 4th wall breaking instances should be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, as not all of them are equal in merit and significance. Likewise, a few general rules of thumb should be adhered to:

Firstly, no matter what the author's intentions are, fiction and reality can never fully interact. The real world, and real people can be simulated within fiction, but they will still be fictional representations and characters. As such, no fictional character can be responsible for the creation of "The real world".

Secondly, Author Avatars are not inherently bad, as some fictions use them in meaningful and relevant manners. There are several games in which the player is a part of the story proper, as well as numerous stories in which the author is made present, either through an avatar or fictionalized portrayal. We have to see if the author avatar is relevant, or if it is just a wink towards the audience.

Thirdly, Author Avatars do not equate tier 0 boundlessness, and characters beating/killing their authors are not quantifiable nor meaningful feats. For instance, while the Lord of Nightmares beat her writer with a shovel, said "writer" was still a fictional character, and in no way, shape or form can LoN affect real people, or actually defeat her real world writer. Similarly, no one should look at real life humans as a "tier 0 species", simply because we can write stories.

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