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Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A8-C to 8-B with the Wraith Blade | At least 8-B with the Spiritual Reaver

Name: Raziel

Origin: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

Gender: Male

Age: 2000+ years old

Classification Human (born like one), Sarafan Inquisitor | Vampire (after being resurrected by Kain), lieutenant of the Council/Patriarch of the Razielim clan | Wraith (after being resurrected by the Elder God)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Superhuman Speed, immortality (Type 1 and 3, 4 and 7 in the Spectral Realm), can walk through no solid walls (just in the Spectral Realm), elemental manipulation (via Wraith Blade), Regeneration (Low-Godly), soul absorption, telekinesis, matter compression, telekinesis bullet, he can climb walls, dimensional travel, he can pass from the spectral to the material realm

Attack Potency: Room level | Building level with the Wraith Blade (Soul Reaver era; comparable to base Kain) to City Block level with Elemental Reaver (Comparable to Kain with the Reaver) | At least City Block level with the Spiritual Reaver (Stronger than the most powerful Reaver), likely higher via Soul hax

Speed: Superhuman speed travel with Supersonic reflexes and combat speed (Is able to dodge projectiles and spells), Hypersonic reflexes and combat speed (can keep up with Kain) 

Lifting Strength: Class 5, higher with telekinesis

Striking Strength: Room Class, doesn't possesses much destructive capacity

Durability: At least Room level in the Material Realm, likely higher (He can survive explosions, spells, and being impaled by The Reaver), Unknown in the Spectral Realm, his immortality makes him almost impossible to kill

Stamina: In Material Realm, as long as he can support his material body, limitless in the Spectral Realm

Range: Standard melee range, extended with weapons, several meters with telekinetic projectiles and Wraith Blade's spells

Standard Equipment: The Wraith Blade

Intelligence: Clever skilled fighter; he was a great sarafan warrior and a powerful lieutenant of Kain

Weaknesses: In the Material Realm, he need to consume soul to support his material body, otherwise, he'll return to the Spectral Realm. He's more powerful in the Spectral Realm, but can't use the Elemental powers there

Notable Attacks/Techniques: Raziel can use various powers linked to the different forms of the Wraith Blade:

  • Reavers:
    • Spectral Reaver: A green blade used on the spectral plane, causes greater damages in combo and has the spiritual explosion
    • Darkness Reaver: A purple blade, can creates mini-shades that stuck the enemy, make the user invisible, can blind sentinels eyes
    • Light Reaver: A yellow blade, effective against dark-based demons, illuminate dark areas and stun enemies
    • Fire Reaver: A Orange blade, enhanced the pyrokinetic attacks
    • Air Reaver: A white blade, used to spin and disorientate targets and creates small whirlwinds
    • Water Reaver: A light-blue blade, allow the user to use cryokinetic attacks
    • Earth Reaver: A light green blade, make the user heavier, can create small earthquakes
    • Spirit Reaver: A white-blue blade; the strongest form of the Wraith Blade; it can kill all type of enemies and break walls with a single blow; causes serious damages to bosses with the spirit burst
  • Glyphs:
    • Force Glyph: Telekinetic Force Blast
    • Stone Glyph: Earthquake which briefly turns enemies to stone
    • Sound Glyph: Powerful sound wave
    • Water Glyph: Showers enemies with Water
    • Fire Glyph: Burns enemies with Fire
    • Sunlight Glyph: Burns enemies with Sunlight, effective against dark-based enemies


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