Raymond Mak


Raymond Mak is Wei's handler, and his job is to help Wei with his infiltration of thw Sun On Yee, and make sure he stays safe. He is often at odds with him as he questions his mental stability and whether he can do his job. He fears Wei is becoming overtly violent and more "triad-like".

Powers and Abilities

Tier: 10-A physically, At least 9-C, to 9-B with guns

Name: Raymond Mak

Origin: Sleeping Dogs

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Police Officer

Powers and Abilities: Athletic Human Physcial Charcteristics, Skilled Marksman

Attack Potency: Athletic level (Is a trained police officer, should be capable of beating some thugs), At least Street level to Wall level with guns (Wields guns that can blow large holes in peoples heads, wields shotguns that can send people flying far back, his best guns can destroy cars, and tear apart metal)

Speed: Athletic level

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class

Durability: Athletic level

Stamina: Above Average

Range: Standard melee range, Hundreds of meters with guns

Standard Equipment: Pistols, and Shotguns

Intelligence: High

Weakness: None Notable


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