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The weak die. The strong live. Those are the rules.
~ Masked Raven

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I’ve stared death in the face over and over again! And every time I’ve spat in that face and survived, because I’m strong enough to do what others won’t!
~ Unmasked Raven


Raven Branwen, is the mysterious mother of Yang Xiao Long and Qrow Branwen's twin sister. She was originally a member of Team STRQ, though unlike most Hunters, she has little issue killing and is described by her brother as a dangerous person. Raven has a high "survival of the fittest" mentality in which she is rather indifferent towards innocents dying if they were too weak to defend themselves. On one occasion she saved the life of her daughter, who she had abandoned shortly after her birth, though not without warning that she won't be looking out for her a second time. Raven is currently concerned about Salem and the power that she possesses.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 7-C

Name: Raven Branwen

Origin: RWBY

Gender: Female

Age: Likely in her 30s (Is slightly older than Qrow)

Classification: Human, Former Huntress, Tribe Leader, Spring Maiden

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Aura (Able to use her Aura for numerous purposes), Forcefield Creation (Aura can be used as a full-body forcefield), Statistics Amplification (Can use Aura to enhance her striking power), Enhanced Senses (Can use her Aura to sharpen her senses), Regeneration (Mid-Low), Potential Realization (Can unlock the Aura of another person), Extrasensory Perception, Master Swordswoman, Portal Creation, Dust Manipulation (Grants her Air Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Water Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, and Gravity Manipulation), Magic, Fire Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Air Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Telekinesis, and Forcefield Creation, Can transform into a raven, granting her Flight

Attack Potency: Large Town level (Casually created a storm of this magnitude, fought evenly with Cinder Fall and is comparable to other maidens) 

Speed: At least Hypersonic+ (Kept pace with Cinder Fall and easily dominated Neo, whose speed is on par with Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai's)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Should be significantly stronger than Ruby Rose)

Striking Strength: Large Town Class

Durability: Large Town level (Can take attacks from other Maidens)

Stamina: Very high

Range: Extended Melee Range with sword, Several kilometers with her Spring Maiden powers, Unknown with portals

Standard Equipment: Dust-infused Odachi

Intelligence: Highly knowledgeable in combat, strategy, planning and leadership skill

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Semblance: Raven's semblance allows her to create portals in the vicinity of people she shares a bond with. Though not combat applicable, she can use these portals for quick appearence and hasty retreats. Others people are also able to pass through these portals. So far, Raven has been able to create portals to Taiyang, Qrow, Yang and Vernal.

Raven Form: Raven has the magical ability granted by Ozpin that allows her to turn into an actual raven. In this form, she is capable of flight without her spring maiden powers, as well as able to keep on the down low.

Dust-infused Odachi: Ravens main weapon of choice, which is armed with a sheath that has a rotary chamber filled with different types of Dust blades. By reattaching the handle to the sheath, Raven is able to interchange, or if need be, replace the Dust blade. The blades are telescopic in nature, which allows them to be approximately twice the length of the sheath. She tends to most often use the blade made of Red Dust, though she has also used others. The colors seen so far in combat include: Red, Blue, Yellow, Gray/Black and Green. The Dust blades, though powerful, can be broken if struck several times or hard enough.

Spring Maiden Powers: Raven bears the power of the Spring Maiden, another magical ability granted by Ozpin that passes down through generations. It gives Raven control over the elements and weather. With these powers, Raven has been shown to be able to summon lightning, amplify her strikes with electricity, create widescale storms and strong gusts of wind, as well as the ability of flight. However, Raven is most proficient in using the ice control aspect of her powers, evident in her battle with Cinder and commentary. She is able to create and shape ice to her will, such as freezing opponents, shooting ice spike projectiles, creating platforms and wield a variety of ice based weaponry. This ability also allows her to open the vault in Haven Academy.


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