Rain (Rain)


Rain is the main character of Rain, he is a general of a small country called Sunkwoll. 15 years ago, Rain's friend Fina was killed by robbers. Afterwards Rain was driven by an obsessive need to get stronger. Several years later he heard a dragon had appeared, and after fighting for an entire day, he killed it, and absorbed its life force and power.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A, 8-C with Meteor Strike

Name: Rain, Dragon Slayer, Unknown Genius Swordsman, Black Mask Phantom Thief

Origin: Rain

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Dragon Slayer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Swordsman, Wind Magic, Sound Manipulation, Longevity, Afterimage Creation, Power Nullification (Has an anti-magic shield that negates magic), Fire Magic, Barrier Magic, Can cut through dimensions, Clairvoyance, Healing, Resistance to Poison, Illusions, Memory Manipulation, and Petrification

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Comparable to Joe, can make large craters in the ground), Building level with Meteor Strike (Can destroy an entire arena)

Speed: Subsonic (Moved faster than people could see)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Threw men several meters into the air)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class

Durability: Small Building level (Tanked attacks from Joe who could do this), Building level against magic with Anti-Magic Shield (Negated Meteor Strike)

Stamina: High (Fought a dragon for an entire day)

Range: Extended melee with his sword, several meters with magic

Standard Equipment: The Sword of Matchless Beauty: It is a blue magical sword which Rain found at the bottom of a ruin. It is said that a traveler went to small dessert kingdom Celestea and killed a thousand men with his eerily shimmering blue sword. The sword is said to drive its master insane, however it seems to have no effect on Rain.

Intelligence: Genius combat strategist, learned new techniques from simply seeing them being performed

Weaknesses: Overconfident as his emotions such as fear have long died off


His anti-magic shield blocks an attack from Reygul

Made a trench in the ground

Blitzed 7 people

Destroyed a wall

Made a crater in the ground

Moved faster than people could see

Cut through a dimension

Can blow up an entire arena

Created dozens of barriers before meteors could hit an arena of people

Made another crater

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Anti-Magic Shield: After defeating and absorbing the life force of a dragon, Rain became able to use it's anti-magic shield, which negates all magic aimed at it, the shield can be overcomed if the magic is greater than the area the shield takes up, in other words an aoe attack that affects the entire area could work, however this can be negated by just using an even bigger shield.

Exceed: An ability that allows Rain to know the condition of his surroundings, he could be outside of a mine and use it and know everything that is within the mine. Can also be used to track, sense and attack magical energies.

Meteor Strike: A spell that is only used under the assumption that the enemy number is above one thousand, it sends meteors hurling towards his enemies.

Dragon Killer: Rain's specialized far ranged technique in which he uses wind magic that follows his enemies until they are hit.


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