Raiju is a kaiju from Pacific Rim, and is classified as a Category IV. Alongside Slattern and Scunner, it protects the Breach from the Jaegers.

An aquatic creature, Raiju invokes a Galapagos iguana and Crocodile in appearance and behavior. Broad shouldered, Raiju is heavily armored along its back and head. The "head" itself is a tripartite jaw that encases the creature's bioluminescent head for protection. Its feet are bent, enabling it to swim quicker through the water.

Raiju rose from the Breach along with Scunner and Slattern. However unlike other Kaiju that rose up to attack a city, the Kaiju rose to defend the Breach from Gipsy Danger and Striker Eureka. When the Jaegers arrive to bomb the Breach, it proceeds to stalk the Jaegers from the darkness during their approach to the portal. Raiju then assists Scunner in attacking Gipsy Danger, tearing off its arm from its body and snapping the arm in half before it can kill Scunner. As he circles back for a second attack, Raiju ran head first into Gipsy Danger's sword, which combined with the speed at which he was swimming, bisects him from head to tail.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C

Name: Raiju

Origin: Pacific Rim

Gender: Likely male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Kaiju

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength speed and durability, toxic blood, claws, and powerful bite

Attack Potency: Town level

Speed: Subsonic

Lifting Strength: Likely Class K (Can lift and throw around beings of comparable size, aka Gypsy Danger)

Striking Strength: Town Class

Durability: Town level

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Extended melee range due to size

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Below Average; animalistic instincts

Weaknesses: The interior of the second mouth is pretty vulnerable to damage.


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