Joe 1


The RDS-1, also known as Izdeliye 501 (device 501) and First Lightning, was used in the Soviet Union's first nuclear weapon test. The United States assigned it the code-name Joe-1, in reference to Joseph Stalin. It was exploded on 29 August 1949 at 7:00 AM at Semipalatinsk, Kazakh SSR, after a top-secret research and development project.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C

Name: RDS-1, nicknamed Joe-1 by the Americans

Origin: Real World

Age: 67 (29 August 1949 at 7:00 AM)

Classification: Nuclear Weapon

Wielders: Soviet Russia

Powers and Abilities:  Creates a massive explosion of 22 kilotons and ensuing fallout

Attack Potency: Town level (Made an explosion of 22 kiloton)

Speed: Unknown

Durability: Unknown

Range: Kilometers blast radius

Weaknesses: Can only be dropped


Weapon of mass destruction.Atomic test usssr

Weapon of mass destruction.Atomic test usssr.RDS-1,1949

How the bomb was detonated