Pteranodon HO


Pteranodon is the nickname of an unnamed tilt-rotor model used by the Legitimacy Kingdom. The Pteranodon is a tiltrotor gunship, a medium sized aircraft equipped with turboprop engines that can rotate 90 degrees to provide either horizontal or vertical thrust. The Pteranodon uses its large size to store tons of shells and continuously fire heavy artillery at ground targets while it flies in a large circle with the target in the center. By switching between the armaments roughly meant for anti-building, anti-tank, and anti-personnel, it can destroy anything inside its circle, so the target has nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. It's made to fly 3000 meters up.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B with 30mm gatling gun, likely 9-A with 50mm howitzer and with 150mm artillery cannon

Name: Pteranodon (nickname)

Origin: Heavy Object

Classification: Ground-attack-type Fire Support Machine

Wielders: Legitimacy Kingdom

Powers and Abilities: Flight, heavy weaponry, chaff/flares, VTOL and jamming capabilities

Attack Potency: Wall level with 30mm gatling gun, likely Small Building level with 50mm howitzer and with 150mm artillery cannon (Anti-tank and anti-building weaponry)

Speed: Subsonic+ top speed (750km/h), Subsonic (350km/h) in vertical lift mode

Durability: Wall level

Range: At least three kilometers

Weaknesses: Cockpit and cargo area are not separated

Standard Equipment: 150mm artillery cannon x 1, 50mm howitzer x 1, 30mm gatling gun x 1, chaffs, flares, jamming equipment

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Countermeasures/Jamming: The Pteranodon can also be used to jam nearby enemy communications.