Dora Ghost

Danny Phantom 34 384

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Princess Dorathea

Origin: Danny Phantom

Gender: Female

Age: Probably Hundreds of years old

Classification: Princess, Dragon, Ghost

Powers and Abilities: Dragon Transformation, Flight, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Breath, Intangibility, Invisibility, Possession

Attack Potency: Building level+ (Is equal in power to her brother, Prince Aragon, and was capable of harming him with her attacks)

Speed: Subsonic flight speed

Lifting Strength: Class 10 (Someone empowered by her amulet could lift sports bleachers with ease)

Striking Strength: Building Class+

Durability: Building level+

Stamina: Superhuman (Could fight Prince Aragon without showing signs of tiring)

Range: Extended melee range in dragon form due to sheer size, dozens of meters with fire breathing

Standard Equipment: Her amulet

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: She is weak against Anti-ghost technology. If her amulet is removed, she loses most of her power.


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