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Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B | 3-B | 4-A | 5-B

Name: Primus aka Lord of Light

Origin: Transformers

Gender: Male

Age: Immemorial

Size: Moon/Mars-sized in G1 cartoon, Earth-sized in Unicron Trilogy, Saturn-sized in Marvel and Dreamwave comics.

Classification: Transformers deity, the Life-giver, god of light and order.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Invulnerability, True flight, Energy Manipulation, Telepathy, Non-Corporeal, TransmutationReality Warping, Spatial Manipulation, Omniscience, several others

Attack Potency: Planet level (Terraformed a planet as Primacron's assistant/the Oracle) | Multi-Galaxy level (Shook the universe fighting Unicron, Universe-shaking scream) | Multi-Solar System level (Destroyed the Grand Black Hole/Unicron Singularity) | Planet level (Literally is Cybertron; Guiding Hand Primus was weaker than his original form)

Speed: N/A | Massively FTL+ in abstract form | Relativistic (Planet-sized robot moves with alarming agility) | N/A

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: N/A | Galactic Class+ (Universe-shaking) | Planet Class (Literally the robot mode of Cybertron; uses moons as melee weapons against giant Super Starscream) | Possibly Planet Class (Is Cybertron)

Durability: Moon level (Cybertron is moon-sized in G1 cartoon; blows up in Headmasters) | Universe level in abstract form (Unicron slept through the Big Bang, both fighting shook the universe) | Multi-Solar System level (In both Galaxy Force and Transformers: Cybertron is unharmed by the Grand Black Hole/Unicron Singularity) | Planet level (Fighting forced Primus to retreat into Vector Sigma)

Stamina: God-like.

Range: Multiversal (Can reach through time and space) | Multiversal (Can reach to different times, dimensions and places, fought Unicron on different planes of existence) | Multiversal (Exists in most realities simultaneously) | Planetary (Has been left as Cybertron's core).

Intelligence: Super computer as Vector Sigma (grants sentience), "Nigh-omniscient" as Oracle/Primacron's Assistant (Can see across time and space, apparently; trusted the fate of the universe to cartoon Grimlock...) | Nigh-omniscient (Can be tricked or lied to and doesn't have perfect judgement; can see across time and space) | Nigh-omniscient (Short-sighted; can see across time and space) | Nigh-omniscient (Can see across time and space)

Weaknesses: Power has been coopted (by Transformers and Quintessons), over-use of the Matrix of Leadership (destabilizes Vector Sigma), Unicron's influence (infected and took over Cybertron in Beast Wars Neo) | Too trusting (can be lied to and tricked, betrayed by his own children) | Lack of foresight (his plans have fallen apart in the past), Unicron-forged matrixes (there's a lot of them) | Was left weakened by splitting into five gods (Wounds from Mortilus forced him to retreat into Vector Sigma), Unicron's essence (Unicron's blood, Dark Energon, poisons him)

Key: G1 cartoon/Japanese retcons | Pre-retcon Marvel/UK | Post-retcon/Unicron Trilogy | IDW Guiding Hand Primus/Aligned Continuity/Modern


The Primus and Unicron from the Marvel Comics have had their origins retconned several times. Once leaders of their own respective pantheons of light and dark gods, they have since been rewritten to have once been halves of a single being. After having been retconned so all Unicrons and Primuses across the multiverse are the same being (multiversal singularities), then it was retconned that some universes don't even have a Primus and some Unicrons are not related to the multiversal abstracts.

The most recent retcon has eliminated multiversal singularities altogether. Making all Unicrons and Primuses individuals unique to each reality.

Their showings and abilities tend to differ based on continuity or the laws of the universe that they appear in. As such this attempts to divide them by timeline and era, though not perfectly possible with Hasbro's ever-changing mythos.

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