The Yautja, more commonly known as "Predators", are an extraterrestrial race of warriors and hunters who travel the galaxy seeking dangerous quarry to hunt for sport and honor. While they live in nomadic tribes, they are highly advanced and possess highly dangerous technology to help them in their hunts. They stalk their prey by using their technology, before killing them and ritualistically mutilating them, usually claiming a trophy as well. They have hunted on Earth for centuries, and deliberately bred Xenomorphs in order to hunt them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C physically, higher with the power glove, 8-B with Shoulder Cannon, 7-C with grenades, 7-B to 6-B with self-destruct

Name: Yautja, Hish-Qu-Ten (distinct species of Yautja), "Predators"

Origin: Predator

Gender: Male or Female

Age: Average Yautja can reach several thousands of years, however, can vary by their rank

Classification: Alien civilization

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity (Lives for 1000 years), Master in Martial Arts and the use of weapons, Enhanced Senses (Their vision is infrared, and with their Bio-Mask, they can see across the electromagnetic spectrum), Invisibility,

Attack Potency: Building level physically (Can punch through walls of concrete and thick pillars of stone with ease, puncture modern tank metal, restrain young Alien Queens, and can easily demolish an entire scout helicopter within a few blows. Slightly superior to Praetorian Xenomorphs), higher with Power Glove (Can rival a young Predalien Queen), City Block level with Shoulder Cannon (Can destroy transport ships designed to haul human colonies, military trucks, and dropships), Town level with grenades (Can vaporize tanks and obliterate several buildings at once, vaporizing a tank requires 10.4 Kilotons of TNT), City level to Country level with self-destruct (Revealed in the last cutscene for the Predator mission in AvP:2010 and the first AvP film to yield this much power).

Speed: At least Subsonic+ (Can effortlessly outrun speeding sports cars and moving so fast to turn into invisible blurs to soldiers' eyes) with at least Supersonic+ Reaction Speed (Can effortlessly dodge military and futuristic gunfire at close range, capable of avoiding sniper rounds)

Lifting Strength: At least Class K (Consistently shown having the strength to rip out human skulls with their spines still attached, even doing so with only one hand. According to this video, this feat would require at least 1 million Newtons, or roughly 101-102 tons-force. Far superior to Xenomorph Drones, which are also capable of doing this with only one arm.)

Striking Strength: Building Class (Easily backhanded a helmeted soldier to death, punched over a moving military truck full of men and supplies, and shattered solid concrete. Slightly superior to Praetorian Xenomorphs), higher with Power Glove

Durability: Building level (Can take a barrage of helicopter missiles with little damage, withstand a direct drop ship crash and explosion, take a beating from a Xenomorph Queen, and get struck by lightning without being fazed)

Stamina: High; can take multiple gunshots and keep fighting and easily fight off hordes of Xenomorphs for hours on end

Range: 2-3 meters physically and with staff. Several dozen meters with plasma cannon, possibly several kilometers with the self-destruct function.

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: Very high, especially when it comes to technology, tactics, extraterrestrial biology, and astronomy. The Yautja possess far higher mental capabilities than humans thanks to their alien psychology.

Weaknesses: Their "code of honor" prevents them from killing those who cannot fight back and may limit (removing most or all of their equipment except for a melee weapon, usually wrist blades or even going bare-handed) themselves against prey they deem worthy enough to fight them in melee.


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