Spider Sense

Spider-Man has short-term precognition through his Spider-Sense.


Precognition is the ability to see the future. The specifics of the ability, and whether or not they can act on the information they see to change the future, differs depending on the user and verse. The ability may only be useful for the short term; or it may be best for the long term. Precognition can allow characters to react to attacks faster than they'd normally be able to react to. The information it provides may be complex and intricate, or simple and limited, if not inaccurate, while other forms of precognition may be much more accurate.

Precognition may be based on any number of factors; it may be based on reading the minute body movements of an opponent, predicting their actions through observation, mathematical predictions, or through some unspecified magical or astronomical means, among any other number of abilities.


As with all example lists, this is not comprehensive.


  • Some forms of precognition may be limited to certain timeframes (Ex. One may only be able to predict moments 2 minutes before they happen and such).
  • Some users may have special senses their precognition is attributed towards, and these senses can be blurred, mislead or taken away.
  • While precognition can often amp users' reactions and help them fight faster opponents, it has very little use against a sufficient enough speed blitz, as even if they know what move will be thrown towards them, they'd be too slow to do anything once it happens.
  • Some users may have vague or not entirely accurate predictions, making it harder to foresee what will truly happen.


Given that the nature of precognition varies greatly from character to character, its degree, limitations, and range of usage should preferably be clearly defined within the profile pages.

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