Touma using Imagine Breaker to nullify Misaka's Iron Sand Sword


Power Nullification is simply the power to nullify other powers, negating their effects and effectively rendering the target a normal being. The means and limitations of this ability vary from media to media, but typically only works on other supernatural powers. Particularly powerful users can not only nullify powers that have been activated but prevent them from being used in the first place or even seal or steal abilities permanently. This is not to be confused with Reality Warping or Conceptual Manipulation in any way as Power Nullification is explicitly tailored towards the nullification of powers and usually cannot be applied in other ways.


  • Anti-Magic: The ability to nullify magic and its applications.
  • Physical Negation: The power to nullify any of an opponent's abilities as long as the user is touching their target.
  • Power Negation Field: The user is able to generate a field or designate an area where no special powers or abilities can be used.


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