Power Lifter

Kamijou vs Hamazura Round 2


A Power Lifter (運搬着 (パワーリフター) Unpan-gi (Pawā Rifutā), lit. "Transport Clothes") is a prototype heavy machinery used in Academy City for the transportation of cargo and other large objects. Unlike military powered suits, the Power Lifter is a 2 tons, 3 meters tall yellow humanoid-shaped exoskeleton that the operator wears on their backs. Since it's not a military weapon, the Power Lifter's joints are not covered or armored, and the operator is not offered much protection while using it.

The exoskeleton is controlled by two joysticks connected by cables and by the foot pedals that attached one’s feet to the legs. A safety bar holds the operator in place. It has two primary power sources as well as a spare one, stability controls, a processor, and sensors. The Power Lifter can have an AI installed for improved performance and to assist the operator. Overall, the Power Lifter is strong enough to lift an air freight container with one hand or a small car, make high jumps, as well as nimble enough to carry cargo while doing so. The machine can lift cargo with a single arm or leg while doing acrobatics, shown when Hamazura Shiage used the machine's nimbleness and flexibility to carry cargo while moving in an elevator shaft.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Power Lifter

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Classification: Exoskeleton

Wielders: 1 human operator

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman physical characteristics, AUD, sensors

Attack Potency: Wall level (Superior strength to normal humans, capable of destroying/breaking through one of the Dianoid's elevator doors and tearing a human to pieces with a wrestling move)

Speed: Peak Human (Superior speed and mobility to normal humans)

Durability: Likely Wall level (The exoskeleton itself should likely be immune to small firearms), but since it's just a tool and not a military weapon it doesn't grant this protection to its operator

Range: Standard melee range

Weaknesses: As it's not a military weapon, it doesn't have armor protecting its operator, its joints are vulnerable

Stamina: Likely a few hours

Intelligence: The intelligence of the person using it

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • AUD: The Power Lifter has an AUD, an air-projected heads up display. It works by heating or cooling the air near the operator's face locally to create an abnormal refraction of light. The Power Lifter will then display necessary information for the operator on it, like threat level assessments, warnings about the exoskeleton's state, etc.
  • Salvaged PDW: As proven by Stephanie Gorgeouspalace, after being disabled the Power Lifter can be salvaged to make an improvised PDW. The PDW made by Stephanie couldn't fire regular bullets but instead used pressurized gas to fire "mock" bullets made of tungsten, essentially a gas gun. Despite the unusual ammunition, it is still very dangerous and can riddle a human body with holes when fired from within twenty to thirty meters.